More Details Regarding tWitch’s Passing Discovered After Note Is Found

Stephen “tWitch” Boss left behind a lot of things. His beautiful family of four, his enduring legacy as one of the most electrifying dancers on television, and his infectious smile that had everyone believing that he was truly happy. We now find out that that was not 100% true. As we begin to unpack the events of his final days, it has been revealed that tWitch left something else behind as well, a goodbye note.

Celebrity tributes continue to pour out. As a part of the Ellen show for the last few years, tWitch has touched the lives of some of our favorites and built lasting friendships. Justin Timberlake tweeted a tribute to tWitch, who he had known for over two decades through dancing. “It’s heartbreaking to hear that someone who brought so much joy to a room was hurting so much behind closed doors. I’ve known Twitch for over 20 years through the dance community – he always lit everything up.” Justin concluded his tribute with, “You just never know what someone is really going through.”

Wanda Sykes made over 40 appearances on the Ellen Show and interacted with tWitch a lot. In her post about his loss, she reflected on the joy he brought everyone on set. “Heartbroken and struggling to make sense of this tremendous loss. tWitch’s warmth and energy were unmatched. Sending my love to his wife, Allison, and their children.” While many are struggling to say goodbye, others have tried to figure out why he would end his life. This opened up the floodgates to many speculations and weird conspiracies.

Colombus Short is another dancer turned television staple who tried to allude to some bad investments as the reason for tWitch ending his own life. He believes that tWitch lost his life savings recently in a bad investment. Others have begun trying to connect tWitch passing with that of Ellen’s ex-partner Anne Heche earlier this year. The bizarre theories state that Ellen somehow sacrificed them both or that their passing had something to do with the Illuminati. “Of course, u don’t know a person’s life, but what if he ‘unalived himself’ because of something deeper? The Illuminati, maybe? Maybe Ellen had something to do with it??” tweeted one person.

Others have dismissed these theories as insensitive and cruel. “Sad part about Twitch is people would rather try to believe conspiracy theories than to accept the fact that happy people kill themselves,” said one person. Another said, “People saying he looked too happy, ball of life, a family man, so he couldn’t have done it himself… bro, so was Robin Williams?? This is what depression & suicidal ideation is. Can we let people rest?”

tWitch reportedly left a note at the site of his passing, but authorities report that it was vague and only alluded to past issues haunting him. According to TMZ, “Law enforcement sources tell us tWitch’s note, left at the scene of his [passing,] was an ambiguous reference to his past challenges. It’s unclear exactly what he was referring to in the note.”

tWitch leaves behind his wife and three children. He reportedly left the house without a word Tuesday and checked into a nearby motel, where he ended his life.

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