Mo’nique Has Her First Show Since Feud With DL Hughley, Immediately Apologies To His Family

Could the tides be changing in the public feud between veteran stand-up comedians, Mo’Nique and D. L. Hughley? A recent appearance could hint at reconciliation or perhaps the start of one. But many fans believe that Mo’Nique is still inauthentic in her approach.  

Over the weekend, embattled comedian Mo’Nique held a show at the Duke Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was the first show since the comedian appeared on stage in Detroit weeks ago and unexpectedly set it off on D. L. Hughley. Set to be “A Night of Laughter With The Legendary Comedy Queen,” it also proved to be one where new page leaves are being turned. Or not. You see, a viral clip from the show shows the Academy Award-winning actress on stage saying that she would like to address something before beginning her performance. Mo’Nique starts by saying that she considers herself a “woman of honor,” so she would like to “publicly” rectify a situation she caused.

“When I [mess it] up, I’ve got to fix it up,” said Mo’Nique to a cheering crowd. What came next was some accountability and a public apology to D. L. Hughley’s wife and family for any hurt feelings.In the video captured by The Shade Room, you can see a few audience members getting on their feet to applaud Mo’Nique’s actions. She added that it was “never my intention” to cause any pain to the Original Kings of Comedy star’s family.   However, there was one addition to her addition. Mo’Nique turned even more fiery and passionate when she delivered that she meant “everything” that she said about D. L. Hughley himself.

You may not have been at the Fox Theater in Detroit on May 28, but you didn’t have to be in order to witness the drama. Video swiftly circulated showing Mo’Nique publicly berating and insulting Hughley over a contractual dispute over a headline slot.However, as the war of words spilled over to social media, D. L. Hughley’s family caught much of Mo’Nique’s intensity. The comedian drew up a traumatic moment in the Hughley family’s history involving one of his daughters, with many fans admittedly feeling that she had crossed the line.Things got so disrespectful that D. L. Hughley’s oldest daughter could no longer contain her silence. Taking to Facebook, Ryan Shepherd issued a lengthy post telling Mo’Nique that she needs to, in short, watch her mouth.

Once the video of Mo’Nique’s apology took to the “Internet streets,” it was clear that fans weren’t having it. Instead, many felt it was a half-wit attempt at another dig at D. L. Hughley, as she maintained that her feelings toward him remain.One fan expressed that people come to the shows to hear jokes and not hear about Mo’nique’s drama. “Why she keep getting on stage at COMEDY shows talking ab her PERSONAL beef. Baby we wanna laugh not listen to you vent tf,” they wrote under The Shade Room’s comments.

Another social media user believes Mo’Nique is suffering from a lack of material. “Sympathy is the play,” the user wrote in part. Many also have begun to agree in the comment section that Mo’Nique may be the common denominator in the drama.  One spoke on the validity of apologies and noted how Mo’Niqued shaped hers. “When someone says ‘I apologize IF,’ that’s not an apology anymore ….. because you are still thinking or feeling some type of way as to apologize or not. This isn’t genuine. My opinion tho,” they wrote.

The comedian has said what she said and does not seem to care about what fans think. Instead, it looks like she’s keeping focused on her upcoming projects. With the comedian and Netflix seemingly squashing their beef, it seems she can keep focused on working on the forthcoming Lee Daniels production that will land on the streaming giant.  Mo’Nique also shared a picture of herself on the set of 50 Cent’s Black Mafia Family. Fans may recall that she was announced as one of the supporting players in season two’s cast. Well, the Bessie star shared a clip of herself with a few others on the set of BMF, celebrating working on the upcoming season.

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