Mo’Nique Has Been Calling Her Husband Daddy For Years, But DL Hughley Doesn’t Understand Why When He Works For Her

Mo’Nique’s “Daddy” has entered the D. L. Hughley drama. Now, for those who are automatically assuming that the Academy Award-winning actress’s father is coming to stick up for her, that would be a safe guess. But we are not talking about her father. In fact, when referring to daddy in Mo’Nique’s case, we’re talking about her husband, Sidney Hicks Jr.   It’s not a new thing that Mo’nique calls her husband, who also serves as her manager and business partner, by that moniker. The Primetime Emmy Award-nominated actress and her husband’s marriage have been criticized for years. Her calling him daddy has been a part of the scrutiny.  

While discussing his feelings on the incident that surrounded a comedy show held at the Fox Theatre in Detroit where both dispute being the headliner, D. L. Hughley also shot at Mo’Nique calling her husband “daddy.” Bringing up their respective contracts, which both showed on their social media accounts in the midst of this dispute, the Original Kings of Comedy star asked, “You mad at a contract that you and DADDY wrote?  In addition, Hughley states he can’t comprehend how Mo’Nique can call her husband “daddy” while alleging that she funds everything. “That’s a son, let’s be clear,” the comedian said on his radio show.   

During a recent lengthy Instagram Live session meant to discuss everything surrounding Mo’Nique’s current battle with D. L. Hughley, the couple brought up the “daddy” criticism that he and fans have labeled “weird.” In her rebuttal, she offers, “Isn’t it weird that they got us thinking love is weird to each other?” Husband Sidney Hicks then chimes in to highlight that those criticizing them “fail to mention” that he dubs her “mama.”

The couple continues to clarify their reasons for calling each other daddy and mama by stating that it is a mode of “reverence” to one another. However, this is not the first time Mo’Nique has defended her stance in calling her husband by that name.  During a 2020 appearance on Grammy Award-nominated singer Tamar Braxton’s Under Construction podcast, Mo’Nique gave quite an abnormal response to why she calls Hicks “daddy.” According to the Bessie star, her husband is worthy of the title because he’s “raising” her and providing her with “everything my father did not.”

Mo’Nique’s reasoning did not sit well with a lot of fans on social media. Many took to social media to voice that the comedian’s stance was “unhealthy.” Check out a few of social media’s commentary below concerning the comedian calling her husband “daddy.” 

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