Mo’Nique Calls Out Vivica A. Fox For Questioning Her Professionalism: ‘You Are Not A Comedian By Far’

Is it Mo’Nique against the world? Or is it the world against Mo’Nique? It depends on how you choose to see it. Over the weekend, a video showed the Oscar-winning actress taking very less than subtle shots at comedian D. L. Hughley. Days later, things continue to trickle over and escalate into what seems to be a much deeper issue than the surface. As the two veteran comedians continue to spar over paperwork and who deserves to headline over who, Mo’Nique has returned to deliver wrath to another seasoned actress. 

Vivica A. Fox, please come forward. Mo’Nique would like to have a word with you.Detriot, Michigan’s Fox Theater was supposed to house a “comedy explosion,” thanks to radio station 105.9 KISS-FM. Instead, the night of laughs shifted into a war of words. Once Mo’Nique stepped on stage, she shared exactly what she felt about Darryl Lynn Hughley, withholding nothing back. 

What followed was an intense back and forth that fans on social media got to witness in real-time. Both parties offered up legal documents in an attempt to prove their respective points. This all stemmed from what seemed to be a miscommunication in who was going before whom on the evening’s line-up.

Of course, as to be expected, media outlets definitely picked the story up and ran it in their publications. In addition, some daytime television talk shows and radio show hosts also discussed the debacle on their respective shows. One of those that happened to kick about the drama was The Wendy Williams Show, with hosting duties by actress Vivica A. Fox and television personality Carson Kressley. On the show, the Independence Day actress highlights both the flier and the comedy show’s set times that showed D. L. Hughley in the headlining spot.  

“This is how I feel,” started Vivica A. Fox as she presents what she calls their evidence. “It doesn’t matter what order you come on. Kill it and leave no crumbs.” Fox shared her love for both comedians, calling them both “amazing people.” However, the actress stated her belief that it got “too personal in front of the audience.” “The fact that people paid good money, respect that,” she concluded. “Respect your audience.” Furthermore, Fox addressed her feelings on Mo’Nique’s comeback in the industry. “Baby sister, I get you standing up for yourself,” said Vivica A. Fox. While she says that there is “nothing wrong” with doing so, she suggests that Mo’Nique’s delivery has been jarring. 

“It ain’t what you say; it’s how you say it, mama,” she said. Fox then shared that she was “disappointed” in Mo’Nique’s actions yet wished them both well.

Still reeling from the weekend’s drama, Mo’Nique hopped on to Instagram Live recently for a lengthy rant. Joined by her husband, they addressed D.L. Hughley and included Vivica A. Fox in the fire. Calling out Vivica A. Fox by name, Mo’Nique proceeded to say that she was “unapologetic” in her actions and for what she did with her “stage performance.” Additionally, the Precious Star states that Fox is “not a stand-up comedian by far” and that she should “ask somebody that can really educate you on what that stage is. Not someone that wants to host and take female comedians around and get paid off of their craft.”

Interestingly enough, Fox is not the only one who seems to feel as though Mo’Nique has been unprofessional as of late. Many fans have echoed D. L. Hughley’s sentiments when he highlighted her past and current issues with Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and more.  

“It can’t be EVERYBODY else, Mo,” wrote one fan in the Live’s comment section. Another wrote, “Very unprofessional to come and stage and talk about another comedian who happens to be on the same show. Like what are y’all doing.” One fan wrote a lengthy comment saying, in part, that Mo’nique “took the low road and unfortunately [delegitimized] your plight.” Finally, someone issued they were “No longer a fan. Leaving this page.” Check the whole Live below—the Vivica A. Fox mention is around 54:00.

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