Michael Blackson Claims Women Will Take A Cheater Who Pays Their Bills, Than Be With A Broke Faithful Man

Not many men would outright admit that they are liars, both in general or to their women. But comedian Michael Blackson is unabashed in his toxic behaviors. The Ghanaian comedian and actor recently held a candid conversation with Shannon Sharpe, where he flat out admits he’s a man of infidelity.

For the last two years, Michael Blackson has been romantically linked to real estate agent and social media influencer, Rada Darling. But their relationship seemed to be mired with many problems as it was on and off. If Blackson’s latest admission has anything to do with it, we now know why.

“My whole life, I’ve never been faithful,” the Coming 2 America star told Sharpe on the Club Shay Shay podcast. He then focuses on the cameras where he calls for any of his ex-partners to closely pay attention. According to Blackson, he has lied to every one of his exes and been unfaithful to each and every one of them. He proudly states that he has no idea what the truth is anymore.

But Michael Blackson does not stop there. He continues by offering some (toxic) advice to others that may be inspired to live the type of life he’s living. Apparently, you must “be rich” in order to be a chronic cheater. “Broke men can’t do this,” he insisted. Furthermore, Blackson offers that any woman would rather have her bills paid off by a wealthy man who is supremely unfaithful to her rather than a man who lacks the proper financial means.  

The actor and comedian then shares that he has permission to keep a side chick, whom he planned on going to once the interview was over. According to Michael Blackson, his partner is very much aware of the arrangement as well.  However, Rada nor any woman that he’s dating is not allowed to be unfaithful to him. If she were to offer the same arrangement on her part, Michael Blackson states that they could just be friends. It is unheard of for him to have his woman taken by another man while she is wearing his ring.

But Michael Blackson insists that he is faithful to his woman despite his claims. There’s just one issue. He claims that his private parts are what’s disloyal. Michael Blackson’s comments surely ruffled a few feathers, with some pointing out that this was a sad mentality to have. However, his partner, whom he proposed to last year on The Breakfast Club, doesn’t seem to mind at all. Here’s why.

During a recent interview with The Shade Room, Rada Darling issued that she had been in a relationship prior to Blackson that lasted for a long term. It was this that made Darling realize that traditional monogamous relationships are “boring.”

Rada said that she yearned for “excitement.” So, she deduced that when Michael Blackson steps out and participates in what she calls “extracurricular activities,” or when they do it together, the excitement finds its way into their relationship.  “It’s been proven every single time,” she said. “We get back together and have such amazing s*x.” For Rada, this aspect of their relationship holds top priority. Check out the couple’s conversation below and catch them on this season of VH1’s Couple’s Retreat.

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