Michael Blackson and His Wife, Rada Are The Latest Couple To Reveal Unconventional Marriage, Fans Think It Works Because He Has Money

Hollywood is full of unique relationship dynamics and arrangements. People are constantly experimenting with their partners and finding new ways to be happy and find a sense of normalcy. Some question if it has less to do with what these couples really want and more to do with one specific partner having too much power due to their financial role in the union. Rich men seem to get what they want when it comes to these unique relationships, with only a couple of female examples popping up over the years. So when it comes to open relationships, is it really a mutual agreement? Or a way to appease a partner with too much power?

Tamar Braxton once said in a Breakfast Club interview that men at a certain level of success tend to pursue women outside of their relationships. For her, it was not so much something she was ok with as much as it was something she “understood.” Tamar’s sentiments echo that of several women who seem to agree that the only way to keep your husband is to let him roam a bit.

Comedian Michael Blackson is the latest to showcase such an arrangement. Blackson and his partner Rada recently did an interview where they unpacked their relationship. In it, Rada admits to allowing Michael one “side chick” a month. Rada states that it is something they both enjoy and that she understands how long-term relationships can get a bit monotonous and boring sexually. It’s not just for Michael, however, as Rada engages with the women as well. Her and Michael explain that they are not in an open relationship but just like to have fun.

The Shade Room probed for more information, wondering if Rada gets the same benefits as Michael and can have a different man once a month. According to Michael, Rada does not desire another man and prefers women. “She’s allowed to have any female she wants, but not a man. We don’t need another penis in the relationship.” When asked what he requires from other women that he cannot get from his fiance, Blackson says it’s strictly about sex and him getting to explore someone else. The pair, who got engaged last July, are currently on their second season of the VH1 series Couples Retreat.

Michael is obviously not alone in having a unique arrangement. Fellow comic DeRay Davis is currently in a public relationship with two different women. According to Davis, he got tired of sneaking around and felt like if the right women came along, they would be open to sharing him. It turns out he was right and seems to be very happy with his girlfriends. The young ladies are not together, however, but get along well as friends and living mates.

Will and Jada have also publicly admitted to a unique relationship dynamic. At a time when their marriage was struggling, Will and Jada separated, and she dated singer August Alsina. It’s unclear if that relationship was exclusive and if Will was also seeing someone else, although he’s applied such.

In many of these examples, there seems to be a bit of a power dynamic for sure. While the equally successful Will and Jada seem to both benefit, for others, it appears the dynamic exists to please the breadwinner.

Monique and her husband opened up about this truth early on in their marriage. The Oscar winner married childhood friend Sydney Hicks in 2006 and admitted to throwing her weight around in the beginning. Monique felt like she had the right to set the rules for their union because she paid the bills. This meant she could have other men. Monique says she eventually came around to allowing her husband to see other women, but it took her a while to see that it was only fair. “I am the famous one, not you, and I have the money; you can’t do that. But what I had to learn was this thing called reciprocity. And that was very hard for me because my ego would get in the way,” she told Essence Magazine in 2020.

Over in the comments sections under Michael and Rada’s interview, fans let their opinions be known. “I feel if you’re truly in love with someone, you will want them and only them and want them to feel the same,” said one person. “It works cuz she doesn’t really love him she loves the money,” said another. According to filmysiyappa.com, Blackson is currently worth $2 million.

Tami Roman, who famously stated she’d let her husband have a baby with another woman, chimed in with her own concerns. According to Tami, the real question would be, is it the same woman every month, and what do you do when your partner starts to form a bond with her?

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