Mexican Authorities Announces They Have Submitted All Necessary Paperwork To Have Persons Responsible For Shanquella Robinson’s Passing Extradited

Shanquella Robinson’s family continues to seek justice for her mysterious passing. While the case did not have many updates for a while, a recent news report reveals that her legal team is waiting on the U.S. government to make a move following Mexican authorities submitting all the paperwork on their end. Could those responsible be extradited soon?

Shanquella Robinson was on vacation with several friends when she passed away. It was later revealed that she had succumbed to a spinal cord injury and appeared to have been involved in scuffle. Days later, a video hit the net of showing Robinson in an altercation with a woman by the name of Daejhanae Jackson. The clip shocked the internet as people began to try and access what had happened.

Robinson’s family and legal team have spoken to the press extensively since then, trying to paint an accurate picture of what they found out. These “friends” all returned home from their trip and even visited Robinson’s family. They stuck by their story and attended her funeral. When the autopsy came back, Robinson’s mother revealed that everyone then disappeared. She also got an anonymous call from someone saying that Shanquella was involved in an altercation while in Mexico. As the truth has come out, followers have tried hard to bring justice but have been at the mercy of the Mexican government.

Because the incident did not happen on U.S. soil, Robinson’s family has had to cooperate with Mexican officials while they sort through the legal process. The family has revealed that the hope is to have all the friends on the trip taken into custody, while most reports single out one woman as the primary suspect. Joe Bruno from Channel 9 has been following the case since the beginning. He was recorded going door to door trying to speak to all the friends from the trip. In his latest update, he reveals that Mexican authorities have gone back and labeled Shanquella’s passing a homicide. They also have been working with U.S. officials to bring this all to a courtroom soon.

Joe spoke with Sueann Robinson, the attorney representing the Robinson family. Sueann says that she had just returned from Mexico on a fact-finding missing. She says Mexican officials have done all the proper work, and now they need to push it in the U.S. so that it can be escalated. Sueann is looking for a “High-level diplomatic intervention” that could help the process along of finding justice. Sueann says that the family is not looking for anything unusual and just want their government to step up and help them find justice.

Fans in the comments agreed that the Robinson family should not have to jump through so many hopes to find peace. One fan said, “It’s about time! Her tragic [passing] has just been pushed on the back burner, and it’s not fair! Her life mattered, and no one that was with her should be walking around like nothing happened.”

Tamika Mallory has announced she’ll be traveling to DC to get the word out and see what’s going on. Mallory demands Shanquella Robinson’s passing gets the ‘white girl missing’ treatment.

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