Megan Thee Stallion Resurfaces For The First Time In Months To Celebrate Her Birthday

Megan Thee Stallion is starting to make her return to the spotlight after a tough few months. The Houston rapper was recently photographed out and about for her birthday, and everyone is excited to see that she is back in good spirits following a lengthy case and recent breakup rumors. Let’s catch up with the hot girl coach and see what fans have to see about her resurfacing.

Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez finally faced off in court last year, and it was a rollercoaster. Two years after the incident that derailed his career and almost ended her, Megan had to stand trial both in court and online and defend herself against accusations that she lied about the whole thing. The court of public opinion seemed to initially weigh in Lanez’s favor, with several high-profile rappers believing that Meg lied after omitting the truth about her romantic connection to Lanez. Eventually, it was found that he did indeed injure her on the evening of their scuffle. Several men, including Joe Budden and 50 Cent, had to come forward and apologize for the terrible things they said about it.

It appeared the damage had already been done. After Megan confessed to the trial weighing on her relationship with fellow rapper Pardison Fountaine, many began to speculate that they had broken up. This was egged on by the revelation that they had unfollowed each other on social media. While some fans thought he was no good for her, others just worried about her mental health after taking so many back-to-back Ls. “Y’all, please give Megan a month- a full month of no discourse. No Pardi, no short little bald man, no Drake, no nothing. Simply leave her alone. Please,” said one fan.

Valentine’s Day was the first sign of things moving in a positive direction for Meg. Pardi posted a photo of two heart-shaped shot glasses, with some hoping the other one belonged to Meg. “Y’all can put those Megan Thee Stallion and Pardi breakup rumors to rest,” said one person. However, the woman in the photo was never identified.

Megan officially stepped back out this week for her birthday, and fans could not be happier to see her. The “Body” hitmaker was serving just that, in a form-fitting multicolored dress that showed off her famous physique. Meg appeared shocked as she walked into the restaurant to so many people. February 15th marks her 28th birthday, and she celebrated in Beverly Hills surrounded by supporters. According to, she dined at Crustacean in her $700 Louisa Ballou sea breeze maxi dress. It is unclear if Pardi was present.

Fans supported Megan’s return and applauded her for taking some time away. “I’m so glad Megan thee Stallion ghosted the world. Very undeserving and miserable [people] y’all are,” said one person. “We haven’t seen or heard from Megan Thee Stallion since the case, and I hope that she’s being loved on, resting, and enjoying the best life has to offer,” said another fan. Meg is said to have partied till midnight and was escorted off by friends shortly afterward.

This was Megan Thee Stallion’s first time seen publicly since the internet began speculating the rapper was pregnant. However, she doesn’t appear to be in the video.

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