Meet Ari Nagel Who Has 117 Children, With 14 More On The Way This Year

Ari Nagel is a man with a very unique reputation. While the pandemic has opened up people to a number of different hobbies and skillsets, his is easily one of the most mindblowing. Ari Nagel is a serial donor with over 100 children and counting. 

Ari Nagel is a Jewish man from Monsey, New York

Ari Nagel is a Jewish man from Monsey, New York. Nicknamed the Sperminator, Ari recently sat down with the Surviving The Survivor podcast to discuss his 117 kids and mission to help populate the earth. According to the hosts, Ari is a 6’3 math professor at CUNY. Sitting behind him on-screen during the discussion was a board filled with photos of all his kids. Nagel says that most of his kids call him dad or Big Papa. 

Despite the title of donor, Ari is actually very involved in the life of his children and often babysits and attends graduations and birthday parties. Some of the most unique places he’s donated are target restrooms, museums of natural history, and countless hotel rooms. Despite his affinity for love-making, Ari admits that most of the babies are not conceived the old fashion way. He said that he currently had 14 women pregnant but did not sleep with any of them. 

Ari’s first big year was 2020 when he helped 21 women have children. The following year he beat that number, bringing 31 children into the world in 2021. “This year, unless I have a steller week, I already know its going to be around 25. Depending on if everyone delivers on their due date,” Ari says about 2022.   The math professor says he is aware of only 117 children. When asked if he has an objective, Nagel admits that he achieved his objective a long time ago, and at this point, he’s just overachieving. “It was never really about my objectives. My objectives have already been met.” He feels obligated to the women who seek his help and tends to put their needs over him, which is why he continues donating.

Ari Nagel is one of seven children

He grew up in an Orthodox Jewish community that is very traditional and rural. Nagel was one of seven children and was inspired by his childhood to have a big family. Nagel has two sisters and four brothers and says everyone has traditional relationships and traditional family structures except for him. They all married within the community and total have about 25 kids between them.

Nagel says that while his family is all mostly traditional, he owes his unique path to a motorcycle accident when he was 17. He ended up getting $70k from his insurance company and used that money to travel the world. That’s when he began to lose his faith and decided to pursue other things. He also attributes the lack of diversity in his community for making him want to explore different cultures and women. He eventually was approached to do a film about his life called the Sperminator. Nagel gave the company all his childhood videos and records, but unfortunately, the company lost everything. He says his siblings were very upset with him. Despite this, they were able to finish the movie and is awaiting a release date. 

He Was Banned by the Israeli Government

The movie has its origins in Israel. While there, he ran into some issues with the government, which banned him from donating while he was in the middle of helping a couple. The couple decided to document his journey and experiences with the government. He had to borrow his brother’s passport to gain access to the country but was still pursued by the law. Eventually, they destroyed all of the ‘content’ he had frozen in the fertility clinics there and the couple had to follow him to the states to finish the movie.

The Arrangement He Has With The Mothers

Nagel admits that all his relationships and interactions are different and individual. These days he is not intimate with the women due to the sheer volume of people seeking his help. He prefers it this way so that everyone can stay protected. As far as his arrangement with the mothers, they bare much of the responsibilities. He says he’s more of the “fun uncle,” but he tries not to get too involved outside of that. He says sometimes that is not always the case, and during the pandemic, he found himself babysitting for a few of the moms when all the daycares were closed and they had to work. 

Nagel talks about some really scary moments, like receiving a call from CPS who revealed that one of his mothers had schizophrenia and at risk of losing the child. “As things go on and on, I end up having to assume more responsibility. I ended up putting that child with another one of my children’s mothers.” He says he is awaiting some court proceedings to see how he can help the child and his mother, but that the kid has been with his siblings family for a few months now.  

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