Meagan Good Admits She Was Uncertain She Wanted Kids With Ex Husband, But Definitely Want Them Now

Meagan Good is out on the promotional trail for the new season of Harlem. The recently divorced leading lady is opening up about life after love and how much she has evolved since leaving behind her husband, DeVon Franklin. During a recent promotional stop, she opened up about her desire to have children and how her opinion on it has changed since becoming single.

Meagan Good’s Harlem follows four best friends who met while attending New York University and are now in their thirties living it up in Harlem. As they attempt to balance love, life, and their careers as working professionals, they come together and support each other. Meagan’s real life has had just as many ups and downs as her character Camile. After marrying DeVon Franklin back in 2012 and becoming the poster child for the modern-day marriage. The picture-perfect couple shocked the world when they split in 2021.

They have maintained that they both still love each other and split amicably. Meagan recently discussed how she was struggling with the idea of motherhood during the union. Meagan says that she received a lot of pressure from people during the marriage to have children. Good feels like the more people pushed it on her, the more she did not want it. Meagan reveals while talking to HipHollywood that since stepping away from a marriage, she has become more sure of her desire to become a mother with or without a partner.

Good feels like she is in her most honest relationship with herself and God and has been owning her truth and what she desires in this phase of her life. Meagan also championed other women’s right to do as they please and make their own choices. Meagan says she is not interested in sharing her home right now and is enjoying traveling and seeing the world.

People speculate that a large part of what split her and DeVon up was their disagreement over children. The pair is also said to have moved a little too quickly at the start, with their split being “a long time coming.”

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