Master P Mourns Loss Of Daughter Tytyana Miller Who’s Been Battling Since 2015- A Look Back At Her Time On GUHH

Today, Hip-hop mogul Master P and his family took to social media to pay their respects to Tytyana Miller. Master P has a handful of famous kids and many may not know Tytyana. Let’s take a look back at her life and legacy. 

Tytyana Miller Is The Daughter Of Master P and His Ex-Wife Sonya C. Miller

Tytyana is the daughter of Percy Miller, aka Master P, and Sonya C Miller. Tytyana’s parents married in 1989 and remained together for over 20 years until they divorced in 2013. They shared seven children, with Sonya taking sole custody of four of the kids following their split. Their children include rapper and actor Romeo Miller, Vercy Miller, Tytyana, Inty, Itali, Hercy, and Mercy.  Master P had talked publicly about Sonya’s issues and had said in the past that he feels it impacted their children. During their custody battle in 2014, he said she used in front of their children and blamed her usage for their divorce.  “Drugs is really killing a lot of families, and I’m not going to let it destroy my family,” he told TMZ at the time. “I don’t need to talk about it. We don’t need no judgment, no lawyers. My whole thing is, she can have it all if she get herself together. That’s what it’s about. It’s about these kids. It’s about our family.” Master P has two other children outside their marriage, actress Cymphonique and actor Veno. 

Master P’s Daughter, Tytyana Miller Issues Were Featured On Growing Up Hip Hop

According to several sources, Tytyana has struggled for year. She was featured on the series Growing Up Hip-Hop, where her brother tried time and again to get her into rehab. In one clip, she discussed how she took a trip that helped her see the error of her ways without rehab. Her father and brother pushed back and stressed that she needed to at least try rehab and give it a chance. Romeo doubled down and told Ty that he knew some people who took almost two years to break their habits. “I really hope that TyTy is serious about making a change. We’re gonna fix this.”

Mast P alluded to TyTy’s issues being linked to her mothers and how he was hoping to help them both. “Hopefully, by doing this, we can send a message to her mom.”  In a separate clip, Romeo grilled his sister for going missing at a time when he was trying to help her, and she was not being responsive. He told her that he and his father were going to be tough on her until she got her act together. A visibly annoyed TyTy sat back with a smile and said she was not near her phone when asked where she was. “So everything cool? You just smiling like it’s all good? Cause I’ve been looking for you for the last 3 or 4 hours.” 

In his confessional, Master P said his daughter had asked him to help her and keep her accountable but that she was not cooperating. “When people hide that they have a problem, they will never overcome it.”  TyTy was the pushed to get tested right there on camera with a distraught Romeo hiding his face in his palms. 

Tytyana Miller’s Cause Of Passing

It is unclear what claimed the young reality star’s life, but Master P has linked her passing to substance and mental issues. According to TMZ, an autopsy has been completed, but the toxicology will take weeks. Law enforcement believes the 29-year-old OD’d. If the results indicates ‘foul play’, investigators are ready to track down her supplier.

Both Master P and Romeo Miller took to social media to remember Tytyana. In his own post, Master P said, “Life is too short. Give your loved ones their flowers while they are alive.” Her Brother, Romeo followed up with his father’s post stating, “I’m forever grateful for the memories I did have with my amazing sister. Love on your loved ones, life is short. The silver lining, I know she’s in a way better place and finally at peace and free. God Bless.” 

Fans on Twitter familiar with TyTy’s story shared their condolences, recalling her struggles on GUHH. “Master P’s daughter Tytyana passed away. I remember her battling on an episode of GUHH. My condolences to the Miller family,” said one. Another said, “I can’t believe Tytyana Miller passed. She was just about to turn 30. She battled drug abuse and health issues for a long time. Romeo and Master P really tried to help and guide her in the right direction. This is tragic.” TyTy was only 29 years old. 

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