Master P Attempts To Remain Positive After Son, Romeo Miller Blast Him Over tWitch’s Tribute – Update

While the world is still mourning the loss of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, some are using their platforms to discuss the hypocrisy behind how we mourn publicly versus what people do behind closed doors. Many people have taken the chance to ask others to check on their strong friends, while others have criticized people for not doing enough for each other while we have the chance. Celebrity Romeo Miller has been dealing with the loss of his sister and called out his father yesterday for some performative mourning for tWitch. 

Master P took to his social media yesterday to pay his respects to tWitch by resharing a video of him dancing with Snoop Dogg. “Rip to the One and Only dancing #DjTwitch and Salute @snoopdogg for celebrating him! These are crazy times we are living in, you can be smiling one day and Gone the next!” he said in his caption. Master P said that tWitch was supposed to DJ at a concert he and Snoop had coming up and used #mentalillness before thanking Post Malone and his manager Dre London. 

Master P has been an advocate for mental health and recently partnered with The National Alliance on Mental Illness following the passing of his daughter Tytyana Miller. She dealt with years of drug abuse and mental issues and eventually lost her life in an overdose. Her mother, Sonia Miller, has also struggled with years of mental illness. Master P spoke at length about wanting to help other families of color not deal with this type of pain and admitted that burying Tytyana felt like attending his own funeral. 

Unfortunately, his son Romeo does not feel like his father did enough and took to social media to call his dad out for mourning tWitch while staying quiet after his sister passed. He alluded to Master P not doing enough behind the scenes and concluded his post with, “yall idols be lost. Better stop following the blind. Watch when it’s revealed.”

Master P is currently in the middle of promoting his breakfast cereal Snoop Loopz, a joint partnership with Snoop Dogg and his Broadus Foods imprint. He’s shared three posts plugging the breakfast cereal following his post to tWitch, making his video choice of Snoop and tWitch dancing together feel even more like a plug and performative move than a genuine display of grief. 

He then shared a video of a woman saying, “Satan, you are a liar!” and captioned it with “I Love y’all, and Jesus Loves you too,” before returning to plugging his cereal. He said in the following video, “when you’re doing something big, they definitely going to attack you from all kinds of angle, but you need to let go fight your battles.” He then promoted the cereal again, this time singing and dancing. 

Following Master P’s rebuttal, Romeo returned to social media today with more insight into his relationship with his father. Romeo Miller exposed more information regarding family issues and the passing of his sister. According to Romeo, he has never received a penny for anything he accomplished as Lil Romeo. “Outside of a gift or a car I’ve never been paid for anything I’ve accomplished as Lil Romeo,” he states. Romeo goes onto say he can now speak his truth and help others because he’s healed. “Mom was always right. Your pride is everything”

After clapping back at Master P, he began to respond to fans calling him spoiled and praising Master P for providing his kids with opportunties. However, Romeo claims he’s been living month-to-month since he was 18 and all of his siblings are broke. In addition none of them can even afford college. Romeo says there’s nothing wrong with them struggling, but thinks Master P paints a certain life to the public that isn’t real.

Despite Romeo Miller bringing their family issues to social media, Master P attempted to deal with things privately and told his son to stop trying to get people to feel sorry for him. “Social media is not the place for healing,” Master P stated. However, Romeo claims social is the only way to reach him.

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