Marlon Wayans Claims He’s Broke and Only A Few Dollars Away From Applying For Welfare To Avoid Getting Robbed In LA

Marlon Wayans is wildly successful. He comes from one of the most accomplished families in Hollywood and has a handful of hit films to his name. However, Marlon is not looking to flash his success like some of his other peers, especially not in Los Angeles. Wayans recently joked about how he is “struggling” on Big Boy in the Morning out of fear that people might target him due to his success.

Marlon Wayans was in town as one of the headliners of Netflix is a Joke Fest. He had a show on April 30th at the historic Palace Theatre and stopped by Big Boy in the Morning to plug his set. It was the latest in a line of career wins with Netflix, which included 2018’s stand-up special “Woke-Ish” and 2019’s family comedy “Sextuplets.”

The Wayans family is renowned for their hustle, and Big Boy was quick to shout out Marlon and his siblings for how hard they work and the many hats they wear. “You have been producing, directing, acting, starring. It’s in your bloodline. You have been on the road, if anyone has money in here, it’s you,” Big told him. Marlon quickly spun the narrative and declared, “I am overworking and underpaid! Do not try to get me robbed in LA!” Wayans begins to joke about how bad the crime in the city has gotten. “I am doing terrible. I am a couple dollars away from going down to welfare.”

Big Boy immediately understood what Marlon was saying and said, “Man, how crazy has it been in LA?!” Marlon says that things are so bad on the streets that he no longer wears jewelry. “I got a rope,” he says while looking down at his wrist. He flashed the red wrist rope for the camera to prove he is not trying to show off. It’s so bad that Marlon says he does not wear a watch and never knows what time it is while he is in the city of angels.

The Los Angeles Daily News confirmed in an article that 2021 was the most dangerous year in LA in over 15 years. “There were nearly 400 killings in the city of Los Angeles in 2021, the most in a single year over the last 15 years,” officials reported at the end of last year.

This is the city where rapper Pop Smoke’s life was taken by robbers. Rapper Nipsey Hussle also lost his life outside of his storefront. Celebrities, in particular, are being targeted because fans know that they will most likely have some expensive goods on their person while visiting the city.

Just last month, a man made off with $750,000 worth of jewelry after robbing four other men staying in a bed and breakfast rental in Beverly Crest. It is believed he followed the men back home after spotting them during dinner. He tailed them through West Hollywood and robbed them as they got to the driveway.

Kanye West laid an overzealous fan out earlier this year after her had managed to run up on him on the street. Marlon Wayans is not looking to invite this type of energy and prefers to keep his current earnings lowkey and not run around too flashy. “I am not doing well, ya’ll!” he warned anyone who might want to run up on him for money.

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