Man Pleads Guilty To Taking Life Of Sweetie Pies, Andre Montgomery After Being Hired By Tim Norman, Now Jennifer Williams Is Trending

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s was an American Reality Show starring Robbie Montgomery. Montgomery was a former Ikette and found initial fame in the ’60s with Ike and Tina Turner. Over the years, she became a restaurant owner, and the series focused on her family and various restaurants. It ran on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN for nine seasons before ending in 2018.  Featured on the show with Robbie was her son Tim Norman and other members of the extended family including Andre Montgomery Jr, her grandson. 

During the series, Andre Montgomery Jr. became the subject of several episodes. The teen had lost his father, Andre Sr, and had relocated to St. Louis to get a new start on life. The show followed him as he struggled through school and visited his father’s grave. He was very close to his grandmother and set to inherit her empire. In 2016, it was revealed that Andre Jr.’s life had been taken in St. Louis. Shortly afterward, his uncle Tim Norman became a person of interest after it was revealed that Norman was the sole benefactor in Andre’s Jr. estate. Tim allegedly hired an exotic dancer from Memphis and another man to assist in the plot. Andre was only 21. 

Travel Hill Pled Guilty For Taking Andre Montgomery’s Life

Today, news outlets reported on a man pleading guilty to the incident that claimed Andre’s life. Travel Hill admits to meeting with Andre’s uncle Tim the morning on the incident and being paid to carry out the hit. In addition to Travel being charged, Tim is also being charged as well as the dancer who helped Travel and Tim’s insurance agent. The agent reportedly aided by committing mail and wire fraud and identify theft. 

While everyone is shocked by the verdict confirming Tim Norman’s involvement, fans of Jennifer Williams are not so shocked. Williams is famous for her time on Basketball Wives and briefly dated Tim Norman after she split from her husband, Eric Williams.  She and Tim would also eventually split, and afterward, she admitted that Norman had been harassing and stalking her. Williams even accused him of theft. Despite plans to move in together and even get married, Williams said that Norman had a bad temper and was very aggressive. He got an apartment across the street from her in Los Angeles without her knowledge. 

When the news broke that Norman was arrested in connection to his nephew’s passing, Williams told media outlets that she was not surprised in the slightest. “I wasn’t surprised because I knew that he was crazy as hell. I think I was a little like ‘Dame your own family,’ but when I went to go get that restraining order against Tim, the dude was crazy,” Williams recalls. 

Fans are team Williams and have shared their comments in support of her and her allegations following the guilty verdict today. “And people thought @jenniferwilliams was being dramatic talking about how crazy this man was and what he was capable of doing!” said one fan. “Jennifer Williams dodged a bullet, literally! 🤦🏾‍♂️” said another. 

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