Mama Joyce’s Craziest Moments On Reality Television

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has its rouge’s gallery of side stars that keep the franchise running. This season the series lost OG cast members, Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey. Kandi Burrus caught up with Access to discuss how the show was able to keep things moving without them and how her mother, Mama Joyce, stepped up with all the antics to keep fans entertained. Let’s recap some of her crazier moments on the program.

Kandi’s convo kicked off with her discussing her latest spin-off series, Kandi & The Gang, where she’s followed during the opening of her new restaurant with her husband, Todd. While covering the program, Kandi talked about her mom Mama Joyce who is “walking TV.” The conversation turned to Mama Joyce’s new and improved backside. The 72-year-old got her backside done and is featured on the new show flaunting her goods. “That [behind] was looking good, right!?” said Kandi. The hosts joked that Mama Joyce’s rear looks like a 30-year-olds. Kandi says her mom did a non-surgical procedure to achieve the desired look, which involved suction cups. While Kandi was unsure if mom would be open to it after taking her to the clinic, she eventually came around to it and had awesome results.

It’s not the first Mama Joyce has been the star of a scene. Fans will recall back when Mama Joyce and Kandi’s friend Carmen clashed. In the clip, the two butted heads during a wedding dress fitting. Carmen was already on edge before Joyce walked in, saying under her breath that she was not sure why Joyce was in attendance.

Mama Joyce came in pretty defeated about the dress and marriage and voiced her opinions immediately before accusing Carmen of spending too much time with Kandi’s future husband, Todd. When asked what she was implying, Mama Joyce jumped up in anger and continued to accuse Carmen of having a relationship with Todd. Kandi emerged from the fitting room in confusion, trying to calm the women down. Carmen was pulled off-camera and expressed her concerns, accusing Mama Joyce of being the only person saying she and Todd are having an affair. Soon as Kandi was back off the screen, Joyce popped back up and had to be held back from attacking Carmen, who remained seated. A defeated Kandi emerged again and decided she no longer wanted to dress shop due to all the drama.

In another episode, Mama Joyce played mediator to some of the other housewives, trying to get Kim and Nene Leakes to be cordial to one another during dinner. She told the women she wanted them to get together and be “like they used to be.” The awkward conversation saw the women dodging each other’s glances and looking off as Mama Joyce tried to get Kim and Nene to say hi to each other after they avoided saying hello at the start of dinner. The two women were really defiant and did not want to participate.

Mama Joyce’s dislike for Todd fully manifested in an episode where she clashed with his mother. Todd’s mother accused Joyce of walking into the room and not speaking to her. She also accused Joyce of threatening Todd and “setting him up.” The explosive argument saw the women shouting and hurling explicit at each other. She hates Todd so much that she’s even suggested that he could only marry Kandi if he was the provider and proposed that the pair should sign a prenup. What are some of your favorite Mama Joyce moments, and what do you think about her new backside?

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