Malcolm Jamal Warner Refuse To Condemn Bill Cosby: ‘I Can’t Defend His Actions, But Also Can’t Throw Him Under Bus’

Malcolm Jamal Warner is currently back on our television sets as part of the Fox Drama Club night. The veteran actor has been doing the press rounds as a result and has been opening up about a number of topics, including his former television dad and mentor, Bill Cosby.

While discussing the legacy of The Cosby Show with Jemele Hill for her podcast series, the award-winning journalist asked if Malcolm could ever see the series getting a reunion special like its spin-off series It’s a Different World got on Peacock. While Malcolm sees how it could be possible to do it even without Bill Cosby, he admits that Bill’s allegations would be the “elephant in the room.”

“You can’t talk about it; you can’t not talk about it. So to do a reunion like that and to celebrate that show without him would be strange,” he revealed. Malcolm then says that due to the cast having their own personal relationships, a reunion would not necessarily be important for them but moreso for fans. “We do have relationships, we’re mad cool, we talk,” he says about his Cosby family. He concluded with, “I don’t know if anyone has a desire to do that.”

Malcolm goes on to joke about how much money they missed in the reboot era, which prompted Jemele to ask if he is resentful of Mr. Cosby for ruining the show’s reputation. Malcolm admits that he does not have any resentment “because it drove home how this business works.” Malcolm says that while he cannot defend Bill Cosby, he will also not throw him under the bus due to his understanding of how layer the circumstance regarding his charges are. “It’s so complex, and there’s so many shades of grey that so many people will never get.”

Malcolm says that the financial hit everyone took has not really affected his career. He says this is due to his team setting up a life for him after the show so that he would not be dependent on the show or his character Theo. “It truly sucked to watch the ship go down the way it went down.”

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