Malcolm Jamal-Warner & Eddie Griffin Played Friends On Malcolm & Eddie For Four Seasons, But Did Not Get Along In Real-Life

Actor Malcolm Jamal-Warner has had a very illustrious and esteemed career. He is perhaps best known for playing the role of Cliff and Clair Huxtable’s only son, “Theodore Huxtable,” on The Cosby Show. The actor has also appeared in iconic television shows The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, A Different WorldThe Magic School Bus, and films such as The Tuskegee Airmen. But there’s one project Malcolm Jamal-Warner starred in that seems to remain a thorn in his side. According to the actor’s account of things occurring behind the scenes, the series probably shouldn’t have happened.

Malcolm Jamal-Warner Was Cast In Malcolm & Eddie After The Cosby Show Ended

In 1984, Malcolm Jamal-Warner was cast on The Cosby Show. The actor reflected on the audition process during an episode of Where Are They Now on OWN, stating that Cosby grilled him after believing he “killed the room.” After finishing the audition, he says that the stand-up comedian and show’s lead actor sternly instructed him to leave and take a different approach to his audition upon his return. It was that moment, he says, that even intrigued the lead director of the show, as it showed that even at a young age, Malcolm Jamal-Warner was able to take direction.

The Cosby Show was highly successful and soon became an iconic television show. It broke records while on-air, claiming the number one spot for five of its eight seasons.   The television show also won multiple awards, including 6 Emmy Awards, 2 Golden Globes, and numerous People’s Choice Awards. In addition, Malcolm Jamal-Warner has won 2 Young Artist Awards while being nominated for an Emmy for his work in The Cosby Show. Finally, the show aired its final episode on April 30, 1992. Following his time on The Cosby Show, Malcolm Jamal-Warner continued to actively work in acting. But it would not be until 1996 that the actor landed his next lead role in a television series. This time, the show would depart from what fans were used to of him with the comedy series Malcolm & Eddie.

Malcolm Jamal-Warner and comedian Eddie Griffin began to star in the UPN series, which ran for four seasons. In the show, “Malcolm McGee” and “Eddie Sherman” are friends and roommates that are total opposites who end up in various shenanigans. They also come into a sum of money, which allows them to purchase the building they reside in and the bar downstairs.

While the impact of Malcolm & Eddie was not as noteworthy as his previous lead role on a television show, it did garner a solid fanbase. Both Malcolm Jamal-Warner and Eddie Griffin were also nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.

Malcolm Jamal-Warner and Eddie Griffin Were Not Friends

The actors may have portrayed being friends onscreen and could pull off the chemistry needed. Still, tensions were high when the cameras stopped rolling. Speaking in an interview with Sway’s Universe, Malcolm Jamal Warner shared that the Malcolm & Eddie series was not his “vision.” Furthermore, the Grammy Award-winner revealed that he and his co-star did not get along while filming the show.  

When asked why they didn’t get along, Warner explained it best as “different schools of life.” However, while they weren’t necessarily the closest, he shares that they were always able to come together to make sure that the job was done well, even going as far as praying together every week before working together. “We understood that check,” he said.

Malcolm Jamal-Warner also shared that the transition from going to The Cosby Show to Malcolm & Eddie felt like “going from a top university to a Junior college” and made him miserable. But Malcolm Jamal-Warner wasn’t the only one that had issues with the show. According to a past interview with Vlad TV, Eddie Griffin’s problems stemmed from having “12 white writers who knew nothing about being a young Black man in America.”

Since that show’s end in May of 2000, Malcolm Jamal-Warner has continued his work in entertainment. He was a series regular on the Showtime’s Jeremiah while capturing recurring roles in shows like Suits and Major Crimes. He’s also appeared in numerous independent films and has several guest appearances in television shows such as Dexter, Key & Peele, and American Crime Story. In 2017, Warner was a guest star in Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce and Sneaky Pete. Since 2018, the actor has been starring on Fox’s The Resident as August Jeremiah “AJ/The Raptor” Austin.  

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