Love and Hip Hop Atlanta  Reality Star Bambi Accused Of Committing Medicaid Fraud Despite Receiving Checks from Love and Hip Hop 

Bambi and Scrappy’s relationship has ended and the gloves have come off. While her wife status barely kept her former mother-in-law at bay, now that she is no longer dating Scrappy Momma Dee is letting Bambi have it. The ladies’ current tift involves Bambi’s infamous hot tub scene with Benzino as well as a physical altercation between Bambi’s mother and Momma Dee.

Love and Hip-Hop fans will recall the time Bambi joined Benzino and Kirk Frost for a wine and hot tub moment. They noted how Bambi and Benzino seemed too flirty and Momma Dee agrees. Momma Dee has gone on record saying “Benzino hit it that night.” B

ambi took to her social media with fond memories of the exchange calling Zino “hella cool,” while saying “I know it’s hard to fathom being able to date without having sex with people … but it’s a real thing.” She followed this up with direct jabs at Momma Dee. She went on to tease Momma Dee for having “loose teeth” and being obsessed with her.

Bambi then reveals that her mother “beat the breaks” off Momma Dee and accused her of being addicted to pills, liquor, and the internet. She ended her post by calling Momma Dee “Holiday Heart.” In a series of video responses, Momma Dee says that she won the fight against Bambi’s mom and left her face all scratched up.

She also accused Bambi and her mother of running scams. “I’m responding, Bambi. Don’t f*****g come for me. Because I know the government s*** that you did do. Don’t make me make a phone call to the social security office on your momma, b***h.”

Fans are tired of parents like Momma Dee, with one responding “Her and Blueface mother are the reasons them boys are the way they are.” Another said, “I could never date a man with mama like her.”

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