Lori Harvey Opens Up About Her Love Life and Being Featured On Cover Of Essence

Lori Harvey’s dating history is always up for discussion. The step-daughter of Steve Harvey lives in the headlines due to her high-profile partners, and at one point, was said to have been dating both Sean “Diddy” Combs and one of his sons. She recently caught up with E! News and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton to discuss some misconceptions about her and her dating history.

Rumors that Lori Harvey was dating Diddy’s son Justin popped up back in 2019. The two 20-somethings were spotted at The Official Big Game Takeover, an event hosted by Puff in February of that year. Also in attendance, that evening was another Lori ex Future (whom she hadn’t begun dating yet) and her best friend, Teyana Taylor. Lori appears in one picture with Justin and his brother Quincy, but the pair are just smiling and not even touching. If anything, Teyana and Lori are the more cozy-looking pair, hugged up and blowing kisses.

In 2021, Lori was spotted walking around NYC with Justin’s father, Diddy. The two sported matching outfits and seemed flirty while strolling together. Some believe that Lori was actually at the 2019 party for Diddy and not his son. At one point, she was even spotted wearing a ring. She took to social media to deny any rumors that she was spoken for. “I’m not engaged. Stop believing everything y’all read on a blog.”

Diddy’s son Christian slipped up about their union in 2019 while being interviewed by Hollywood Life. When asked how dad and Lori were doing, he answered, “They [are] good. They’re just being … Private time,” he explained. “That’s up to them. So …”

Lori has been doing a press run for her recent Essence Magazine cover and stopped by E! to chat things up with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton. While there, she decided to clear up any rumors about her and her dating history. Lori jokes that she has been linked to men she’s never met before and has to laugh at some of the rumors about her. Lori says that people have speculated that she might be a lesbian, a story clearly fueled by her close friendship with Teyana Taylor. While Teyana and her husband Iman have been speculated to have an open and fluid relationship, it’s never been confirmed if Lori gets down with the Shumpters.

Lori also discussed rumors that she has dating a father and son. “It’s funny because I’m so quiet there’s been so many stories made up about me. I’ve heard I’ve dated a father and son before. Absolutely not true. There’s been a lot of different things.” Lori says she just lets it roll off her shoulders.

Lori is the first single woman to be on the cover of Essence Magazine’s black love issue. In the magazine, she talks about it being her time to put herself first. “I’m growing as a woman, as an individual. This time’s about me. Self-love, self-growth.”

When asked how it feels to finally be in a headline that’s solely about her, Lori says she feels empowered. “I feel like I’m officially getting grown now.”

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