Lori Harvey Has Completely Moved On, Cleared Every Memory Of Michael B. Jordan From Her Instagram, While Michael B. Jordan Still Has Pictures Up

City boys are down yet again as it proves to be yet another Hot Girl Summer. Just as everyone thought that Lori Harvey was gearing up to settle down in her latest relationship, it ended before it could last. Now that the young social media influencer’s relationship is over with superstar Michael B. Jordan, it appears that she wants nothing more to do with him.

It was all good over a year ago. Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey entered into a relationship that began in the fall of 2020. Still, they didn’t go public until the new year. In an interview with Bustle, Lori Harvey explained that the then-couple actually had met years ago via “mutual friends.” At the time, she thought that who PEOPLE would later label the world’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2021 was just “cute.”

A year of posts showed what appeared to be a very happy and beautiful couple. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Michael B. Jordan gushed about his love for Lori Harveyfeeling as though she was someone “special” enough to deal with his demanding life and career. He shared that eventually, he felt comfortable enough to share their love due to “the situation” feeling “real enough.”

Fans were constantly granted an inside look into their relationship via updates from either Michael B. Jordan or Lori Harvey on social media. For instance, on Thanksgiving in 2021, she shared a slide of photos at the Harvey household with the actor joining the festivities. They even shared photos and Instagram Stories of their time together on other major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The pair shared a video preparing for Vanity Fair party.

But the romantic journey between Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey would come to an end at the beginning of June. Initially, a report from PEOPLE stated that a source claimed both parties were “completely heartbroken.” However, a quick look at their Instagram pages would appear that only one of them is heartbroken.Lori Harvey’s Instagram page is completely swept of any sign or inkling of Michael B. Jordan. But the actor’s page still maintains photos and videos of the former couple, including a picture of Harvey with the caption “I love her,” and a romantic birthday post captioned, “Happy B-Day to my turtle🎈My favorite Patna in crime 😜🐢”

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