Lori Harvey Bans Father, Steve Harvey From Discussing Her Personal Life With The Press: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Talk About Anything’

Lori Harvey’s personal life has overlapped with much of her work. Despite being a model, spokeswoman, and internet personality, usually, all of Lori’s headlines center around who she is dating. Her step-father Steve Harvey has added to this, often using his massive platforms to share his opinions on her boyfriends. Lori is looking to crack down on this and has reportedly banned Steve from speaking about her dating life going forward.

Recently it was revealed that Harvey’s other children had an issue with how much focus Lori was pulling. Harvey has amassed a tribe of seven children over three marriages. Lori is his stepdaughter with his wife, Majorie Harvey. The most visible of his children, it was speculated around the holidays that his other kids felt slighted by how much attention Lori was getting. An insider claims that Steve has resulted to throwing money at all his offspring in the hope of making some peace, but it’s just not working. To make matters worst, Majorie is speculated to be a tyrant who frequently bumps heads with his ex-wives.

Because of how high-profile Lori’s exes are, they tend to draw headlines. Steve Harvey has his hands in several projects, from talk shows to radio shows and more. Often he is asked about Lori’s boyfriends and had a lot to say about Michael B. Jordan and Memphis Depay in particular. Despite singing both men’s praises, he would also chime in every time a relationship ended.

Michael got an overwhelming amount of love from Steve during his time dating Lori. Steve discussed how the families spent the holidays together and called MBJ a great gift-giver and a good guy. When it ended he said the pair were just on different pages and put his full support behind Lori and her decision to move on.

During her engagement to Memphis Depay, Steve took to Twitter to gush about the couple. He called Depay a “good one” and confirmed that the soccer star had his full blessing. However, he would later go on to question Depay’s character, and it is speculated that his disapproval is what really caused issues behind the scenes. He reportedly even had Depay followed during his initial time dating Lori. He also banned her from traveling to Europe at one point, which is where Depay played professionally.

During a recent interview with Hoda and Jenna, Steve opened up about his life and how hard it was for him to make his dreams come true in his late ’20s. While discussing his journey from “rock bottom,” he also discussed how heartbreak led him to his soulmate Majorie. He called her the best thing that ever happened to him and how thankful he was for the family and empire they built together.

While commending him on the advice he’s given throughout his career that has helped others in dating, the women shifted the focus to Lori and asked if Steve offered her any words of wisdom following her split from Michael B. Jordan.

“I got to be very careful how I answer this,” he laughed. “My daughter is on my behind; I’m not allowed to talk about anything,” he revealed. Steve says he’s given her tips behind the scenes and says she is “getting it right.”

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