Loni Love Reflects On Not Always Being Liked By People

The ladies of The Real are doing just that with one of their latest topics. For their “Girl Chat” segment, the ladies got together to discuss some of the most challenging questions that they’ve asked themselves. Of course, it can be challenging to do self-assessment and realize some things about themselves that can be uncomfortable. But, things got “real” for co-host and comedian Loni Love as she emotionally discussed difficult conversations she’s had with herself, including talks about her looks.

The topic of conversation stemmed from a Forbes article that challenges people to “periodically ask themselves questions that may feel uncomfortable at first, but can ultimately lead to growth.” One by one, each of the co-hosts shared some of the most challenging questions or conversations that they have had amongst themselves.

For Garcelle Beauvais, the actress revealed that hers stemmed when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. As Beauvais, best known for her role as “Francesca” or “Fancy” on The Jamie Foxx Show, would go to auditions, she realized – much like many stories in Hollywood, that she was not booking roles immediately, which, in turn, hurt her feelings. So, after long periods of “doing the right thing” for the acting process without securing roles, she went to the place that gives her peace to have a “heart-to-heart conversation” with herself – the ocean/beach. This hard talk with herself led Beauvais to discover that although the process has been stressful, she ultimately loved and was passionate about her career. This would allow Beauvais to continue pursuing her career and embrace the fact that rejection is inevitable in life. 

As for former 3LW and Cheetah Girls singer Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, her complicated conversation with herself focused on a one-sided relationship. She was in Love with someone who did not reciprocate that same Love to her. The talk show host noticed that she was forcing a relationship with someone who she felt did not even like her at times. Over time, Houghton realized that she had to love and appreciate herself more than whomever she was dating. “I deserve to be loved,” she said as she discussed the most challenging conversation she’s had to have with herself. 

When it comes to comedian Loni Love, she immediately dives in, revealing what she had to ask herself. “Why do some people not like me?” she questions. Love asks herself a noticeably loaded and honest question as she begins to get visibly emotional, fanning her eyes to stop the tears from coming out. 

In the past, Love has been a target of much Internet trolling and criticism for various reasons. For one, her relationship with actor James Welsh, who is a white man. Folks found issues with Love being in an interracial relationship and began to troll her on social media, to which she responded by telling folks to “get over it” while wishing all her critics happiness. 

In some other cases, Loni Love has also been given the “angry Black woman” stigma due to her passionate takes on certain topics. However, Love took to Twitter once to debunk the “angry” moniker while stating that people need to let go of that stereotype for women, especially “dark skin plus-sized” women who speak their minds. In addition, Loni Love’s loyalty was also criticized when she congratulated her co-host Jeannie Mai’s ex-husband in 2018 on his newborn. These few examples follow a few more where Loni Love fell under the public’s criticisms.

Tearfully, Loni Love dives into why she questions what makes people seemingly not like her. She juggles between the possibility of her looks and what she says publicly that would draw the commentary against her. But through “mindfulness and meditation,” Love began to realize that you will not be liked or adored by everybody and that one should be ok with that reality while still living a good life. 

Love also spoke on what she learned in the process. “You have to learn to take the rejections, to take the criticism, and understand that you’re ok,” stated Love. “You’re not everybody’s cup of tea.” She also realized that she was trying to be pleasing to everyone by attempting to be the woman she thought they wanted her to be. Love also touched on the fact that no matter what you may look like, even if it is the “perfect person” in other people’s eyes, you will still be disliked by many. Watch below to hear Loni Love and the rest of the women get candid on the subject of tough conversations with themselves.

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