LNHH’s Spice Reveals She Lost Her Life While In Dominican Republic After Experience Health Scare

The last couple of months have been a bit difficult for Love and Hip Hop ATL star Spice. The legendary reggae artist recently revealed that she almost lost her life after a battle with sepsis while in the Dominican Republic. She opened up about the ordeal and how she is thankful to be alive after her body literally turned on her and started eating itself.

Earlier this week, Spice made headlines when she appeared pregnant in a new photo. The reality star was photographed revealing what appeared at the time to be a baby bump, dressed in blue with a blue background. Rapper named Khaotic took to her comment section stating he was the baby’s father. The rapper was also a guest on The Baller Alert Show where he discussed Spice’s Pregnancy. While speaking with the hosts, Khaotic shared text messages from Spice telling the rapper he got her pregnant. “Bro, you got me pregnant,” Spice stated while sharing a photo from her maternity shoot.

The Baller Alert crew immediately side-eyed the text questioning why Spice would call someone she’s intimate with her bro. Khaotic however stated they like to keep things private and keep people out of their busy. The rapper claims Spice calls him bro because she has brother issues. Photos from the maternity shot began to trend all over social media with fans congratulating Spice for her bundle of joy. Unfortunately, today we learned the reality star is not pregnant and the photo shoot was an appreciation of life after Spice lost her life not long ago.

Spice was in the Dominican Republic to get some cosmetic work done and change her implants. The procedure seemed to be a success until she began experiencing vomiting and stomach pains. They discovered she had a hernia. Spice says that the hernia actually saved her life from something much worst. Her intestine was going through her hernia, which is a space in the muscle wall. Due to this, when her intestine erupted, it happened in a space in her body that was not immediately fatal. However, this did not mean she was in the clear. Her body went into sepsis and started eating itself. It eventually ate away her entire stomach. Spice says she “died” while there.

“The sepsis literally start to eat my skin. I don’t know how to explain it to you. My skin start to deteriorate, it start to eat my skin. It start to attack my lungs.” She showed fans the picture, which showed the extent of how badly her body was fighting itself. Spice says she was in the hospital from October to December in the Dominican Republic. When she finally got back to the states, she did a second surgery. Spice says her infection was so bad that she needed to be “cleaned up.” Spice says that fans were so upset with her for not explaining what was happening. “I was dying; I was literally losing my life,” she reveals. “I was going through a lot.” Spice says in addition to the sepsis, she was dealing with other things. Her wounds had to self-heal, and it took six months.

Fans in the comments were happy to hear that she is ok after all she’s been through. Spice also cleared up rumors she was expecting a baby after sharing image of what appeared to be a belly bump. Spice says that after losing her life, the photoshoot was a way to celebrate surviving and being given another opportunity at life. Many others were confused by the whole story, and some are wondering how she managed to get pregnant in the midst of all of this since she announced she’s expecting two days ago.

Let’s keep Spice in our prayers. The reality star says she’s excited for a new chance at life.

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