LNHH’s Chrissy Lampkin Steps To Shekinah Jo For Being Messy and Puts Her In Her Place

Love & Hip-Hop just did a massive crossover series bringing together cast members from its different cities. People from New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles got together in Jamaica for a “Family Reunion” season, and the drama is at an all-time high. Chrissy Lampkin and Shekinah Jo got shouty during one exchange that seemed like it was almost going to result in blows.

A Love & Hip-Hop Family Reunion has almost too many storylines to follow, but this year Teairra Mari is back, and apparently, people still want to know if she paid 50 Cent. Fans will recall that Mari sued 50 Cent back in 2018 for reposting images of her leaked online by ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad. Mari lost the suit a year later and was ordered to pay the Power creator $30k in legal fees. In true 50 Cent form, he has taunted her ever since and asked that she pay up. While she’s tried to make light of it, even releasing a song called “I Aint Got It,” people are curious to see if she ever had to fork up the money.

Apparently, Shekinah Jo is curious as well, and while on vacation with Mari and other cast members, she began to ask around. While Jo can be seen asking Teairra directly in one clip, she apparently also asked others during one of Teairra’s performances. Chrissy did not like this question and went right to Mari to let her know that Shekinah was in her business.

During dinner the following evening, Teairra Mari approached Shekinah Jo to ask her why she was so curious about her and 50 Cent’s financial issues. Shekinah immediately took offense and questioned the crowd to find out who was spreading this information. “Who told this girl while she was performing I asked has she paid 50 Cent yet?!” Chrissy immediately came forward and claimed responsibility.

When Chrissy said, “I did,” Shekinah confirmed that she also told Teairra Mari, which confirmed she was not “fake.” Despite coming forward with a lot of energy, Chrissy immediately took her seat again and showed some restraint. “What is happening with this young lady? I thought we were here to celebrate Spice’s birthday.” Chrissy was not a fan of the yelling, and neither was Lyrica Anderson, who immediately stood up and was ready to fight.

Chrissy staying in her seat is a marked difference from the Chrissy who went blow for blow with Kimbella several years ago. Chrissy has also swung on Amber Portwood during her time on Marriage BootCamp. She is so notorious for checking people that VH1 even made a video compilation for it. “Moments from Love & Hip Hop New York that show every time Chrissy checked someone during the early seasons on the show,” they said in their description.

In that specific clip, she spoke with show producers about how she threatened them on the phone and via email not to put her around Yandy. Her behavior during the reunion seems to allude to some real growth.

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