A List Of Celebrities Who Accused Megan Thee Stallion Of Lying On Tory Lanez

Justice has been served in the case of Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion. That means that several people who came forward with their support of Tory Lanez have to eat their words today and come to terms with the fact that they supported Tory Lanez. Several of these supporters have been his fellow men in hip-hop. Let’s take a look at a few of them and what they had to say before today’s guilty verdict came out.

Joe Budden was one of Lanez’s most recent supporters, declaring during an episode of his podcast that he simply did not “like” Megan. He explained further that Megan’s decision to omit the fact that she and Lanez and a physical relationship during her discussion with Gayle King rubbed him the wrong way. Budden got some severe blowback from Vivica A. Fox and Claudia Jordan. However, it was women in his personal life who were able to get through to him and get him to issue an apology, admitting that he had no right to question Megan’s mental status and feared he could send her off the edge or cause her to hurt herself due to his comments.

Rapper Drake is too big a name to be pulled into the such drama, but he did it to himself. The Candian rapper seemed to rally support behind his hometown homie on recent album “Her Loss.” On the track “Circo Loco,” Drake says, “This [girl] lie ’bout getting shot but she still a stallion / She don’t even get the joke but she still smiling.” Drizzy immediately got read by fans who felt the dig was unnecessary and overshadowed his album release. Many felt he was pouring into conspiracy theories that Meg was lying.

50 Cent seemed to also have issues with Megan, recently comparing her to Jussie Smollett. Jussie is accused of lying about being attacked in Chicago back in 2019. He was accused of hiring the two men who assaulted him and being intimately involved with one of them. The whole mess derailed his career, and he is only recently getting back on his feet. Unlike Jussie, Megan’s team has proven that she was not lying, and it was just a matter of proving Tory Lanez was responsible.

Wack 100 also added to the conspiracies that Megan was lying. According to a Clubhouse discussion he had in November, he did not understand how Megan could take such an injury to the foot and be walking again so quickly. “If you take a bullet to that foot and it breaks them bones, you are not walking backward with your hands in the air. It is not happening.”

Camron chimed in around the time of the incident and reshared a problematic meme alleging that Tory might have injured Meg because he discovered she was a man days after the incident. The post read, “Tory Lanez saw that [expletive] and started [expletive]…IDC what no one says.” He then captioned it, “Ayoooo… Da net wins again.” People called him out for making such a transphobic and misogynistic post following someone being injured.

Camron reacted to the backlash suggesting he didn’t realize he was under ‘scrutiny’ in the blogs and doubled down. Fans found the meme extremely disrespectful. Following his comments, Draya Michelle also made headlines after poking fun at the incident. The former reality star and influencer was later dropped by Rihanna’s Fenty x Savage brand.

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