LisaRaye McCoy Has A List Of Demands When It Comes To Men Dating Her

LisaRaye McCoy is the queen of not settling. This high-value actress and television personality only makes room in her romantic life for the most elite men. What do you expect from a woman who was the first lady of an island briefly. Throughout her career, she’s given a lot of advice on dating as well as shared her own personal experiences. Live revisit the times that LisaRaye McCoy has let us know just how top-shelf she considers herself when it comes to dating gentlemen.

LisaRaye McCoy says that at this stage of life, she has no interest in being worried about bills and survival. After deciding to get engaged with 44-year-old sales rep Anthony B at the end of her time on the ABC dating show “The Proposal,” McCoy admitted a month later that the two were not compatible and spoke in length about her financial requirements when dating men. For McCoy, she feels that she “wears the pants” in every aspect of her life and needs to feel like she is being taken care of romantically. She dismisses this as gold-digging and says that mentality is high school. She considers herself “platinum status” and needs someone who can keep up with her. She compared what she wants to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship claiming that they have matching hustles and if they ever broke up, it would be very hard for either of them to find another equal.

LisaRaye McCoy had said she is aware of the pressures of dating her following her relationship with Michael Misick. Misick was the president of Turks and Caicos, which for a time made McCoy the first lady. With that kind of relationship in your past, many men could wonder what they could possibly offer McCoy that can compete with that. McCoy understands and actually likes this pressure because it keeps people away that may waste her time. What she values most, however, is genuine friendship. McCoy is hoping to form a friendship with a man that can evolve into a long-term and sustainable relationship. She calls it a “foundation of friendship” that she feels can make her next marriage more successful.

McCoy’s journey for the right one even led her down the road of celibacy for a while. LisaRaye says that she has founded relationships on physical chemistry too many times and wanted to know what a mental intimacy felt like. She admits her decision was also fueled by men viewing her as a sexy symbol from her work in Player’s Club. McCoy says she is turned off by men who only see the image and do not want to get to know her on a deeper level.

Just because she has high standards does not mean she is unwilling to take a chance on someone. During a segment of Cocktails with Queens, she was told that Meek Mill was interested in paying for a VIP Package if she started an OnlyFans. McCoy joked that Meek could come through before reminding people that sometimes rappers’ private personas are way different than their public ones. The actress also revealed she would have an entanglement with Will Smith, claiming the actor is her type. Do you think McCoy’s standards are too high when dating, or is she right to expect so much from a man considering her status and success?

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