Lil Kim Wants To Cast Teyana Taylor In Biopic, But Fans Want Naturi Naughton To Play Her Again Despite Their Beef

Rapper Lil Kim is finally getting the chance to tell her story her own way. Fans will be able to take a deep dive into the Brooklyn-born emcee’s life with both an upcoming memoir and a newly announced film. News of the film has undoubtedly sent Kim’s supporters into a frenzy as they begin to speculate who will portray the iconic rapper. Many are pulling for actress Naturi Naughton to be recast as Lil’ Kim, but that may not be possible due to the past beef between them.

News of Lil Kim’s memoir first materialized in April of 2021. PEOPLE was the first to relay the information that the “Lighters Up” rapper would be releasing the book called “Lil’ Kim – The Queen Bee” in the fall of 2021. However, according to the publisher Hatchette Books website, the release date has since been pushed back to a 2024 date.

Either way, these are exciting times for Lil’ Kim. The multi-platinum selling rapper expressed her enthusiasm to PEOPLE about finally being able to “tell my story after all this time.” To that note, she also added that while many think they know the “story of Lil’ Kim, but they have no idea.”

Kim’s story experience escalated when she confirmed the news of a biopic that is “absolutely” coming at the 50th birthday bash for the late Notorious B.I.G. on Friday. On Friday, the New York Post received exclusive details from the Grammy Award-winning rapper. In addition, she once again shared that more information about her life that was unknown will now be exposed and uncovered.

However, there’s one thing that Lil’ Kim is remaining mum on. That would be the actress that would portray the rapper on the big screen. Instead of giving any information, Kim reportedly chose to keep audiences waiting to see who it would be later.

Lil’ Kim previously spoke about a potential biopic. Last year while speaking with Essencethe Juwanna Mann actress expressed her desire for a “girl from the same hood as her” to be given the role. “I would love to give some little girls from Brooklyn a chance,” said ‘Lil’ Kim. The reason is that she could be given a chance to “really connect” her story with the chosen actress. But if this were not the path chosen and they had to go with someone within the industry, Lil’ Kim expressed that she would love for it to be Teyana Taylor. However, she is not from Brooklyn but from Harlem.

The biopic will undoubtedly touch on the relationship that the legendary rapper Biggie Smalls once shared with his “Mookie,” which was the nickname he affectionately dubbed Lil’ Kim, as she once told MTV News. But what fans can count out is the return of Naturi Naughton as “Lil’ Kim.”

You may recall Naughton starring as the iconic rapper in the 2009 film Notorious. You may also remember how significantly vocal Lil’ Kim was with her upset about the film and her portrayal. During an episode of Hollywood Unlocked, the rapper explained why she would have “never picked” the Queens actress. “Never, ever, ever,” Lil’ Kim stressed, just in case anyone was unsure. She mentioned that she was “not ok” with the producers’ choice to cast Naturi Naughton because the two had absolutely “nothing in common” with one another.

She further expressed her disdain for Naturi Naughton’s portrayal of her in the MTV News interview. Kim was upset because they don’t favor one another in looks. When speaking about her acting ability, she called Naughton the “worst of them all.” With the news of Lil’ Kim’s upcoming biopic happening, fans were highly elated. But many are inquiring about the choice to star in the role, with some requesting for Naturi to return. One fan asked, “Where Naturi at?👀” Another seemed to agree that the “Only person that can play her is Naturi.”

One Instagram user mentioned, “She gon have a redbone playing her,” perhaps joking about Lil’ Kim wanting a lighter-skinned woman to portray the role. “Do she still want Lauren London to play her?” one suggested, while another followed that “Christina Milian” would probably be her choice. Who do you think will end up playing Lil’ Kim in the upcoming biopic?

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