Lessons Master P Taught On Ownership and Betting On Yourself

Master P is a man of many titles. The enterprising rap mogul has taken on several businesses since being introduced to the world. He’s also made stars out of several others, including son Romeo Miller. Master P is gearing up to talk in-depth about his career in an episode of TVOne’s Uncensored. As we gear up to hear all about how he made his millions, let’s take a look back at his several business ventures over the years. 

Of course, everything for Master P kicks off with forming his record label No Limit. P recalls about how he walked away from a million-dollar deal from Jimmy Iovine in his Uncensored trailer. He remembered telling his brother C Murder that if a white man offered them a million, they must be worth more. P proved this by founding his label No Limit, initially just a Bay Area-based record shop. Over time he was able to relocate the shop to his hometown of New Orleans, where he would focus on local talent like Mystikal and himself. P always understood the importance of ownership and realized Iovine was offering him a bad deal because the contract would relinquish the rights to his name for seven years. Under his own label, he maintained the rights to all his masters. By 1997 No Limit was a formidable force in the music industry, eventually signing West Coast legend Snoop Dogg following his split from Death Row. 

Master P quickly turned his sights towards Hollywood in the hope of breaking into the film industry. Once again, he took it upon himself to build a film company instead of losing his rights to a major studio. He would produce such films as “I Got the Hook-Up, “I’m Bout It,” and “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Master P would help groom his kids as well and help them find success in Hollywood. Romeo Miller would go on to star in several Nickelodeon shows, including “Romeo!” which Master P helped create and produce. Daughter Cymphonique Miller would follow in her brother’s footsteps scoring a significant show on Nick called “How to Rock.” She also guest-starred on “True Jackson VP,” “Big Time Rush,” and the sequel to her father’s breakout movie “I Got The Hook Up 2.” 

Master P understands the importance of making your stamp on an industry, and throughout his career, he has stepped into several other lanes outside of music and film. In the later ’90s, Master P would step into the world of professional wrestling too. P was worked into a WCW storyline where he and his No Limit wrestlers had some beef with Curt Hennig, who himself was trying to crossover into music, and had released a country song called “Rap is Crap.” The wild plot point included P hitting Hennig with a cake and an all-out brawl happening. Master P says they paid in $2 million to participate. P would go on to form his own wrestling league in 2019 called HOG, House of Glory. He purchased the league and plans on dominating the sport, even issuing a warning to Vince McMahon, head of the WWE, that he’s coming for his top talent.

Master P also participated in 2 pre-seasons of the NBA during the notorious lockout in the ’90s that allowed fans to play because players were on strike. Master P was a massive star, so he helped draw some attention to the league post Michael Jordan. He played for the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors between ’98 and ’99. P would never make it to a regular-season despite his belief that he should have. As always, he would find a way to create ownership for himself in the medium. He is getting a second go at success in basketball way of his son Hercy Miller who is a freshman at Tennessee State. He already helped his son score a massive deal with Web Apps America, where the college student will get paid $2 million to serve as an ambassador for the tech company. He said the deal is four years and is proud of his son for bringing to visibility and money to an HBCU. They hope it changes the way people approach college athletes and encourages them to stay in school and pursue sports. 

Master P is the definition of the American Dream. Will you be tuning into his Uncensored for more tips from the mega mogul? 

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