Leslie Jones Not Sure If Men Date Her Because They Like Her Or Because She’s Leslie Jones

Actress, comedian, and television host Leslie Jones is one seriously funny lady. The SNL alumni has taken her one-of-a-kind humor straight to the bank, starring in a number of well-known projects from Ghostbusters to the Coming To America sequel. She is also the host of the Supermarket Sweep revival on ABC. Jones recently stopped by the Kelly Clarkson show to discuss all her upcoming work and a topic that pops up every Leslie Jones interview, dating. The 54-year-old actress has made it no secret that she is ready for love but has been hitting a lot of dead ends.

During one segment of their discussion, Leslie Jones and Kelly Clarkson discuss the difference Jones has noticed living and dating in two major cities. In a clip called “Leslie Jones Compares Dating in LA vs. NYC,” Leslie reveals that she feels like people in Los Angeles are a little too cool for their own good. Leslie recalls throwing a skating party recently and says that the people were more concerned with posting videos and not breaking a sweat than having fun. For Jones, she feels people in New York would be more loose and enjoying themselves. “Everyone too calm,” she says about Los Angeles.

In the clip’s caption, it says, “Dating can be hard for a celebrity! Especially when you never know if someone is genuinely interested in you, or just your fame.” Jones dives right in, saying that she is not sure if people are more into Leslie Jones, the celebrity, or Annette “Leslie” Jones, the person. The actress says that while talking to men, she picks up on things in their conversation that alert her to their true intentions. “I’m a unicorn or something,” Jones tells Clarkson. She feels like people buy fully into the hype and do not seem to believe she is a real person. So when they meet her in real life, they become so enthralled with Leslie Jones’ celebrity they forget she is human.
“When the real Anette Jones come out, are you gone hang around?”

Jones has been trying to figure out this dating thing for a while, even joining dating app Hinge. Unfortunately, the app blocked her back in February, just a day after signing up, and Jones took to Twitter to ask for help. “Ok, why did @hinge banned me,” the Supermarket Sweeps host wrote. “I literally just signed up yesterday! And they don’t even tell you why. So lame after taking my money! WTF?!”

It turns out the app did not believe it was really her. Hinge tweeted Jones from their official account apologizing. “So sorry about that, Leslie! Guess people thought seeing you on Hinge was just too good to be true,” they wrote. In a different interview, Jones opened up about her thoughts on men in today’s society, expressing that she feels they are “broken.” When asked by Wendy Williams about her dating life earlier this year, she vented, saying “You know y’all always talk about how women are crazy — y’all need to go talk to somebody too. OK? We not all crazy, y’all just broken.”

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