Lauren London On Moving Forward After Losing Nipsey Hussle and Continuing Life

Lauren London is continuing to bring herself out of the darkness of grief following the passing of Nipsey Hussle. The actress has gotten back to work, and with more public appearances, she’s been able to shed light on her process and how she hopes to inspire others.

Long before Nipsey passed, Lauren admitted to Angie Martinez that she had an obsession with death. So much so that she attended grief and death seminars over the years to learn how people handle the loss. These tools came in handy when she lost the love of her life and the father of her child in a senseless shooting.Lauren took some well-needed time to pour into herself and her kids before easing her way back into the spotlight. She kicked off her return by starring opposite Michael B. Jordan in Without Remorse. She followed this up with the launch of her Puma line before starring in the upcoming Netflix movie You People.

Lauren London recently caught up with Drew Berrymore to discuss this and opened up about how she has been working up the strength to return to work. Lauren says that the kids are so happy to see her back working and back on television and credits them for inspiring her to get back up. “They deserve a really happy mom. They deserve a house that has music playing and incense burning and light coming in the window.”

Lauren says that she also feels like Nipsey is on the other side, wanting her to continue living. “I always think about what I know Nip would want me to do, and I know what my children deserve and what I deserve too.” Lauren says she has so many tools, and sometimes she just has to remind herself of what they are.

She goes on to list music, nature, and food as good healing tools. The ladies joked about sometimes indulging too much in food, but Lauren laughed it off, saying, “life is going to life. You gonna let life take you, or are you going to take life by the you know what and just live it.”

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