Lauren London Discusses The Seminar She Attended That Helps Her Cope With Loss Prior To Nipsey Hussle’s Passing

Grief is a powerful emotion that not everyone is equipped for. When you lose a loved one, it can be shocking, and take years to overcome the sadness and emptiness. Fortunately, some people prepare for death in unique ways. Angie Martinez recently revealed how Lauren London prepared to lose someone long before Nipsey Hussle was taken out of her life.

Lauren London was on Angie Martinez’s mind during a recent interview with Joe Budden. While discussing the experience of her In Real Life series, Martinez opened up about how kicking the project off by interviewing Lauren London would stay with her forever. Mostly how Lauren describes her relationship with Nipsey as “ongoing” despite him being deceased. The reason for this is because of the extensive amount of work Lauren has done since his passing to make peace with it all. Joe Budden related to this because, like Lauren, he is constantly thinking about death and lose.

It is true that Lauren has kept Nipsey’s legacy alive in a huge way. The widow has continued to promote his various brands and projects on her social media, including his Marathon brand, which is still a reliable source of swag and resources for his community. Back in May, she promoted his documentary “The Marathon (Cultivation)” on Youtube. The project was geared towards promoting his dispensary, which opened in Canoga Park, Los Angeles. “The Marathon (Cultivation) documentary is live on @youtube. We will be having a grand opening for its first official The Marathon (Collective) flagship dispensary.”

This year she also launched a new clothing line called LA Love Story with Puma. The collaboration celebrates life and love and features several pieces, including sneakers, slides, sweatsuits, and socks. On their site, Puma says, “This is Lauren London’s, L.A. Love Story. Each piece of the collection is inspired by the city that raised her. Colors represent the Los Angeles landscape, and special pieces are emblazoned with a motto from Nipsey Hussle that Lauren keeps close to her heart: ‘It’s not on you, it’s in you.'”

She promoted the line with a series of photos featuring friends Cassie and twins Malika and Khadijah. “L.A Love Story. Full of intention,” she said in the caption. This launch is a culmination of years of London prepping her comeback. The successful actress seemed to disappear from the spotlight after becoming a mother. She shares one child with Nipsey and one with Lil Wayne. Since losing Nip, she has been dipping her toes back into acting, first opposite Michael B. Jordan in “Without Remorse” and in the upcoming Netflix film “You People.”

According to Angie Martinez, Lauren’s road to recovery began well before losing Nip. Lauren’s obsession with death caused her to go to death seminars before he passed away. This program helped her develop the vocabulary and tools to help herself understand what she was feeling. This was also crucial in her being able to break that news to her children. “She learned about transitions and the words and what happens,” said Martinez.

She called the whole concept fascinating, while Joe Budden explained he’d never heard of this. Martinez also thanked Lauren for teaching her about ego-driven relationships.

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