Lauren London and Her Children Finally Receives Justice For Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London has been back on her grind in recent months. After taking some time to grieve the loss of her partner Nipsey Hussle, the actress has been easing her way back into the spotlight, much to the delight of fans. London is usually on the receiving end of tons of support, and today could use it the most as the man responsible, Eric Holder has finally received his sentence.

Nipsey Hussle was a rapper and community leader in his city. Through his various projects, he supported those around him and encouraged pride among LA residents. Sadly, he would lose his life after a fated exchange with Eric R. Holder Jr in 2019. Hussle and Holder were old acquaintances who ran into each other at the shopping center where Nip had his clothing store. Holder reportedly was being heckled by Hussle and his posse and was so enraged by their taunts that he went to his vehicle and grabbed an instrument. Hussle was later pronounced dead on the scene.

Holder has been locked up since the incident. There was a reported scuffle between Holder and an inmate at one point. Initially, Holder’s attorney attempted to have the charges dropped which was denied. According to news sites, Holder’s sentencing was delayed because defense attorney Aaron Jansen was attempting to get Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke to reduce Holder’s conviction since he was unsuccessful getting the charges dropped. However, the judge rejected this in December. And just minutes ago, Holder finally learned his fate.

According to reports, Holder was officially sentenced to 60 to life moments ago. He is not eligible for the death penalty, but he will most certainly be in jail for the remainder of his life. Fans are happy that London and her family will receive some justice. She has not attended any of the trials and did not give a victim impact statement either.

“We hope that there is some resounding peace in the fact that [Eric Holder] will be in prison likely for the rest of his life,” Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said after the verdict.

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