Larsa Pippen Claims She Rather Be Alone Than Date A Man Who Can’t ‘Spoil’ Her Like Scottie Pippen

Larsa Pippen is letting it be known that anyone looking to date her post Scottie Pippen has to know how to spoil her. The social media star has been famous for some time now, opening up about her marriage and how her dating life has been since divorce. According to Larsa, she is ready to move on but realizes that she might not find someone else who will shower her with gifts as Scottie did.

Larsa married Scottie Pippen back in 1997. Throughout their marriage, they had four children together; Scotty Jr. in 2000, Preston in 2002, Justin in 2005, and Sophia in 2008. The pair would eventually announce their split in 2016, but the two reconciled and split again in 2018. It was around this time that rumors surfaced about her affair with rapper Future which she has always denied.

Just recently, the pair finalized their divorce after three years separated. It was confirmed in January of 2022 that their divorce was completed on December 15th, 2021. Larsa told US Weekly back in 2019 that despite all the drama between them, they still managed to co-parent very well. She attributes this to them both being “very traditional” and being “obsessed” with their kids. She also maintained that they were still best friends.

Although there is no love lost, last month, Larsa told Page Six that she felt “traumatized” by Scottie. According to her, he had been constantly punishing her every time things did not go their way during the marriage. The Real Housewives of Miami star said that Scottie would often demand things of her, and when he did not get them, he would take the kids or cut her off from the gifts and things she was used to. For Larsa Pippen, five years ago, this would have been devastating because she was so used to the lifestyle that Scottie provided her. She was so well taken care of that she never even considered divorce because she feared no one would ever be able to provide for her the way Scottie did. In the same article the Reality Star stated she’d rather be alone if a man can’t do a whole bunch of stuff for her. “If you’re not going to do a whole bunch of things for me, then why would I want to be with you? I’d rather be alone.”

Scottie Pippen reportedly has a network of over $30 million. He scored an impressive payday back following his last season with the Chicago Bulls. Pippen pocked $63 million for five years with the Houston Rockets. He also signed some massive endorsements during his heyday that continue to line his pockets, including deals with Frito-Lay, Visa, Ameritech Cellular TV, McDonald’s, Right Guard, Coca-Cola, and of course, his signature shoe line with Nike.

Following her split from Scottie, it was rumored Larsa went on to date Future. While she maintains that they were just really good friends, Future is one of the most successful acts in music and an understandable choice for a woman looking to continue with a particular lifestyle. Future’s current net worth is valued at $40 million, according to celebritynetworth, much of this is made through a combination of touring, endorsements, and investments. He recently joked in a promotion clip for his latest single starring Kevin Samuels that he spent $3 million last year splurging on women. According to the rapper, every time he sees a beautiful woman he has to splurge.

Future named dropped Larsa and Scottie in his song “Rent Money” back in 2017 off his album HNDRXX. Larsa Pippen spoke to Hollywood Unlocked last year and said that Future was there for her during a dark time and gave her confidence, but it was never more than that. “That was stupid of him ’cause it was not that. He was delusional. It was not that. It was never that,” she told Jason Lee.

She did eventually move on and to publicly date Minnesota Timberwolves player Malik Beasley. It came with a lot of backlash because Beasley was much younger than her and still reportedly involved with his baby mother. The young lady, Montana Yao, took to social media to express her shock at the pictures of Beasley and Larsa holding hands. Yao and Beasley had just tied the knot in March of 2020 and had a baby a year prior. Larsa fired back on social media, telling her followers to not trust everything they see. “Even salt looks like sugar,” she told her followers. Do you think Larsa can find someone to date who will spoil her like Scottie?

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