Lala Anthony Rumored To Be Dating BMF Actor Following Divorce From Carmelo Anthony

Lala Anthony has been back on the market for a few years now. The television staple has been focusing heavily on her career and raising her son. Marriage has obviously left her a bit bruised, and Lala has not been shy about her opinions on relationships. However, some fans feel like the former VJ might be finally embracing new love. Is Lala dating one of her BMF co-stars? 

Lala was introduced to the world by her maiden name Lala Vasquez. She was one of the premiere VJs on MTV and helped lead shows like Total Request Live and Direct Effect. It was here she would meet her best friend, Ciara. Ciara would introduce Lala to Carmelo Anthony on the set of her video for “And I” in 2003. The duo would hit it off and begin dating, getting engaged by Christmas 2004. They would welcome their son Kiyan in 2007 and be married by 2010. Their ceremony took place at Cipriani’s in New York and was filmed for a VH1 special titled Lala’s Full Court Wedding. They would eventually chronicle their lives in a spin-off series titled Lala’s Full Court Life. 

In 2011, Carmelo Anthony was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks. Lala has sighted this as the start of their issues. While she was happy to be back in her hometown, the Brooklyn native told People Magazine in October that it was different being home under such extreme pressures. “I’m from New York, so being here is nothing new. When we lived here under all of that, that’s when things became complicated. Now that I look back, that was kind of the start of the demise of the marriage.”

Lala says that while living in New York, the couple was under a different spotlight and faced constant scrutiny from the media. It was a jolt for Lala, who had begun enjoying how laid back Denver was. Lala eventually identified “problem cities” for her husband and started to fear him being in places like Miami due to the party culture and women. She was surprised to find out that the real issues were in smaller places like Kentucky or Kansas. 

Lala and Carmelo Anthony would eventually separate in 2017. In addition to rumors of him cheating, it was also rumored that he fathered a child with another woman. While Lala knew that athletes had a reputation for being unfaithful, she confessed to Angie Martinez that she just did not think that would be her reality. “I was aware of it, but when it kind of happened to me in the way it did, I was surprised because that wasn’t our relationship,” she recalled. 

Lala realizes now that dating Melo from 19 years old meant that they basically grew up together. “I grew up with him and trying to guide him. I’m trying to also be wifey and friend because we started off as friends. So when sh-t pops off, it’s like, damn. While her marriage did not end well, her career is off to new heights. Lala has a good relationship with 50 Cent and the Starz network and has had roles in several of his series including Power and BMF.

The beautiful mom has also snapback with a revenge body that has everyone wondering if she’s back on the market officially. While Lala says she is open to dating, she has scoffed at the idea of marriage, recently telling The Breakfast Club that most of her married friends are miserable.  Despite this, she has been fielding rumors that she is dating BMF co-star Davinchi.

The two play Markaisha and Terry on screen, and the pair have a lot of chemistry. So much so that it has spilled over into the real world. When asked by Jason Lee if they are dating, Davinchi initially sat quiet, prompting Lala to demand he answers. Davinchi laughed and said the question was directed at her. “He should know we’re not dating. Come on, Jason,” Davinchi said. 

The actor says he’s married, even though Jason points out that he had no ring on. Fans in the comments noted no wife on Davinchi’s profile. Could he and Lala really be dating? 

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