Reports Show Marriage Is Declining In America, Is Marriage No Longer The Goal? Lala Anthony Believes So

Lala Anthony is back on the market and speaking out about the institution of marriage after her experience as the wife of Carmelo Anthony. The pair have recently split after years of cheating allegations and rumors. Lala has moved on and focused on her son and career, but had some thoughts she was eager to share during a recent stop to The Breakfast Club.

During her sit down with the guys, Lala came in guns blazing about her thoughts on ever getting married again. “I feel like, currently, marriage is not a goal for people. I don’t hear people who aren’t married saying, ‘i want to get married.'” Lala says the idea of tying the knot is not as appealing as it used to be.

While people around her have discussed wanting to meet someone they can spend their life with, Lala finds that fewer of them intend to get married. She says that most of the married people she knows are miserable. “They would prefer to be single,” she declared, prompting Charlamagne to let out an audible “woah.” Lala says that she understands that divorce rates are going down, but she thinks it is moreso because less people are getting married. Charlamagne and DJ Envy are happily married and did not seem to want to engage too much in the topic.

Meanwhile, fellow divorcee Monica jumped in the comments saying, “she has the right not to want that again! I still welcome it, but I’m aware most who have experienced what I have wouldn’t.”

Check out the full segment above.

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