Kony Montana Was The First Movie Michael Blackson Produced In 2014, But It Almost Cost Him His Life

Kony Montana Was The First Film Michael Blackson Produced

Michael Blackson was one of the break-out stars of Ice Cube’s Next Friday. Despite his character not even having a name, people fell in love with his humor and physical comedy. He quickly cashed in on the popularity and became an in-demand stand-up comedian and actor.  In the years since his debut, he’s been featured in a number of well-received properties. In 2014 he was the writer and producer behind the comedy Kony Montana. Directed by Patryk Depa, Kony took place in Philadelphia and started Blackson as a worker for notorious warlord Joseph Kony. The film was loosely based on 1983’s Scarface and follows Blackson’s character, a former African child soldier, as he becomes a taxi driver for the city’s powerful distributor of illegal booty enhancers. 

Deelishis Starred In Kony Montana

The cast featured another well-known face, Chandra Davis. Most know her by her reality television personal Deelishis. Davis got her big break on the second season of Flavor of Love, where her impressive behind helped her win Flavor Flav’s heart and beat out Tiffany “New York” Pollard, who was competing for a second time.  Deelishis played this film’s version of Scarface’s Elvira Hancock, portrayed in the original film by Michelle Pfeiffer. They wanted the character to “use” the product they were selling, so Deelishis was addicted to booty enhancements in the same way Elvira was addicted to the white substance sold in Scarface.  Other cast members included Leslie Jones, Cory Fernandez, and Reginald Ballard. 

Michael Blackson Stayed At Deelishis House

Michael Blackson revealed during an interview with Vlad TV that Deelishis stayed with him while filming the movie. Blackson owns a large home in Delaware and says much of the cast and crew stayed with him. While doing a show in Detroit, he says Deelishis offered to return the favor, allowing him to stay at her crib while he was in town. Mike liked this idea because he wanted to show her any edit of the film that he had. 

Michael admits he did not have a good feeling about this but accepted because Deelishis said she was single and saw him as family. “We were real cool, strictly cool.” Word got around that Michael and Deelishis were hanging out, so in the middle of the night, her ex pulled up to the house, looking to see what was going on. Michael says it was not that big a deal and the men did not beef, but that her ex startled her, so she called the police. 

Deelishis Was Married To Orlando Ricardo Gordon

Vlad jokes that the story that hit the public was very different than the downplayed one Michael was telling. Vlad says that the stories reported Michael and Deelishis man getting into a scuffle and things turning violent.  Deelishis was dating a man named Orlando Ricardo Gordon at the time, who had a history of violence. Gordon was reportedly living a real Tony Montana lifestyle and was one of 16 people arrested in 2013 in connection to a large drug-selling ring in Detroit, Michigan. He was eventually sentenced to 16 years in prison. According to Detroit News, “Orlando and all 15 of his co-defendants plead guilty to conspiring to distribute controlled substances and structuring a financial transaction and have either been sentenced or are awaiting sentencing.” 

Michael Blackson Warns Men To Never Stay At A Woman’s House

Michael’s story takes a particularly darker turn now, considering how a similar incident ended in the death of Atlanta rapper Trouble. Trouble was staying at a girl’s house when her estranged boyfriend broke in and killed him in a scuffle. 

Blackson has been very open about his dating stories and relationship advice in recent years and took the opportunity to remind men of the dangers of getting involved with a woman who may still be dating someone else. On Twitter, he says, “I have one advice for the fellas NEVER GO TO A FEMALE’s home, never, never, never. I don’t care how many times she says me and my ex not together anymore because she might had broke up with her ex but that neega didn’t break up with her. Invite her to your comfort zone your home.”  Obviously, Michael is speaking from experience. 

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