Kirk Franklin Reveals His Son, Kerrion Franklin Is Wired Different, But He Will Never Give Up On Him

Kerrion Franklin and Kirk Franklin’s Relationship Has Been Well Documented

Kerrion Franklin and his father, gospel legend Kirk Franklin, have spent much time in the news in recent years. The estranged father/son duo initially made headlines last year when Kerrion leaked a recorded conversation where his father calls him out of during a heated exchange. In the post, he captioned it, “If I have any issues, it’s because of this type of treatment that I deal with behind closed doors.” Up until that time, many were not aware of issues in the Franklin household. 

Kerrion has been adamant about exposing his parents and even threw his mother under the bus in a video claiming she had placed hands on him and called authorities   In his own statement, Kirk revealed what had been rumored for some time. Kerrion and his family had been battling it out in secret for years and, according to Kirk, were now in a “toxic relationship.” “Recently, my son and I had an argument that he chose to record. I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation, and I lost my temper, and I said words that are not appropriate,” Kirk said in a video statement. 

Kirk Franklin Says Kerrion Franklin Is Wired Different

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy asked Kirk Franklin about the status on his relationship with Kerrion. He admits that they always fought to protect Kerrion from his issues becoming public. Kirk reveals that he still loves his son and believes he’s talented and beautiful. “The way he was wired is not necessarily his fault,” Kirk admits, alluding to some type of issues Kerrion might be struggling with that are outside of his control. “A lot of times in our community, it is hard to acknowledge,” Kirk says that while others lean towards science and medicine sooner, he instead felt it was something they could fix with prayer or church. “He may never be able to understand the gravity of what he did,” Kirk admits. Kerrion has never been publicly diagnosed with anything, but his father’s statement strongly alludes to some real psychological issues. 

Fans Were Confused By His Use Of The Word Wired Differently?

Fans obviously caught what Kirk Franklin was implying about Kerrion, and some supported his decision to be candid without revealing too much.” I totally understand what he’s saying without saying it. He’s trying to be as open as possible without saying too much… Prayers for the Franklin family🙏🏾..” Others felt like he said just enough and responded, “If you grew up in a heavily religious family. You understand exactly what he’s saying.”  However, some people felt the response was too vague and needed more clarity on the matter. “I’m sorry, but that was a sorry-ass response… that’s just my opinion,” said one person. “How was the ‘wired’?🤔” said another. 

While some took his vague response as a nod towards mental health, others point to rumors about Kerrion’s sexuality and how that possibly affected his relationship with his very religious father as the “wiring” he was referring to. Kerrion was on a recent season of Bad Boys: Los Angeles, where he did dance around the topic of his sexuality before confirming that he was bisexual. “Wired differently = “not straight,” which equals for some a mental health issue…” said one person. “All of this because he is gay?” asked another.  Do you think Kirk is alluding to his son having mental issues or struggling with his boy being bisexual? 

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