King Richard Williams’ Estranged Daughter Has A Problem With The Movie & Will Smith Actions, Now Plans To Write Her Own Tell-All

Fans across the globe got an inside look at the lives of Venus and Serena Williams’ upbringing in November 2021, thanks to the release of the critically acclaimed film King Richard. The biographical movie was centered around the man who helped make the Williams sisters who they are today and quite frankly helped to make them, period.  Richard Williams had a strong, unwavering belief that his two daughters would impact this world in a major way. But what about his other children? According to recent reports, one of Williams’ daughters is out to tell all after seeing the movie, and it isn’t shaping up in the best light.

Who Are King Richard’s Children?

Shreveport, Louisiana-born Richard Dove Williams, Jr. is the father of 9 children. He relocated from the South to California, where he would meet his first of three wives, Betty Johnson. At 23, Williams wed the former Betty Johnson and, within their 8-year marriage, had 5 children. According to a 2020 interview with The Sun, Sabrina Williams was the couple’s first child. From there, four more children were brought into the world. There names are Richard III, Ronner, Reluss, and Reneeka Williams.  

Then in June 1980, Venus Ebony Starr Williams was born to Richard Williams and his new wife, Oracene Price, who he married that year. The following September, the couple gave birth to Serena Jameka Williams. Unfortunately, their mother and father dissolved their marriage in 2002. Still, time would prove that Richard Williams was not done having children. Who would have thought that at 70 years old, Williams would have impregnated another woman? Well, the famed tennis coach and his then-wife, Lakeisha Juanita Graham, gave birth to a son they named Dylan Starr Richard Williams. According to, Serena Williams enjoyed being a first-time big sister. However, she also felt “like Grandma.”

But that’s not all. Richard Williams also has another son conceived out of wedlock named Chavoita LeSane. His mother is reportedly unknown. A report from Meaww states that LeSane has a checkered past that is chock full of criminal offenses. He is also credited by his father for “tirelessly” ensuring that Williams’s 2014 memoir “Black and White: The Way I See It” was released. It was this memoir that the film is based on.

King Richard has Been Accused Of Abandoning His Older Children.

By now, millions are aware that Richard Williams was highly instrumental in the lives and careers of his daughters Venus and Serena. Besides the movie, there are countless examples of him being right beside them, taking them to the tennis courts at very young ages.  But the same apparently can’t be said for his seven other children. Eldest daughter Sabrina has been vocal about her father’s absence in her and her siblings’ lives. According to her aforementioned interview with The Sun, Sabrina William believes that she may have many more siblings “all over the place, from LA to Louisiana” due to his continuous infidelity.

Richard Williams’s eldest daughter refers to him as nothing more than a “sperm donor” who abandoned her family when she was eight. Sabrina Williams also reflected on the financial struggles they had to face following her father’s exit.   What’s crazier is she hadn’t met her famous younger sisters until they were teenagers by happenstance at Knotts Berry Farms amusement park in California. But the family never got a chance to connect, which saddened her. “I always believed in my heart that my dad would come back to get me,” said Sabrina Williams. “I think I was really disappointed my dad didn’t choose me.”

King Richard’s Life Story Helped Will Smith Take Home His First Oscar

The film adaptation of Williams’s 2014 memoir was announced in March 2019, with Will Smith as the lead actor. Released theatrically and on HBOMax in November of 2019, the film depicted Williams’s tireless efforts to propel his daughters to the global phenomenon they’ve become today. Before it was even released, there were talks of Smith’s performance, which ultimately garnered multiple award nominations and wins. Multiple outlets praised Will Smith, and he’d go on to win his first Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe, Critics Choice, and Academy Awards. But everything changed on the night of the Oscars when the infamous slap heard worldwide overshadowed Will Smith’s moment.

Only Three Of King Richard’s Children Spoke Out After The Incident

Following the moment that Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock on the Oscar’s stage, members of the Williams family spoke up. A “surprised” Richard Williams, who suffered multiple strokes in 2022, gave a statement via his son, Chavoita LeSane. “We don’t condone anyone hitting anyone else unless it’s in self-defense,” he said to NBCNews.

Serena Williams, who was at the event in support of the film along with sister Venus, shared her reaction via her Instagram Stories. Captured by Hello Magazine, you can see the tennis star’s mouth agape as she appeared stunned. And although his estranged daughter Sabrina Williams has her qualms about Richard Williams, she shared with The Sun that Will Smith “lost his mind.” In addition, she shared that, like Jada Pinkett Smith, she also has alopecia. However, Williams feels the actor should be “banned” and “stripped” of his award.  

Sabrina Williams Will Release Her Own Tell-All Book

Following the release of King Richard, Sabrina Williams is ready to tell her side. Speaking with The Sun, Williams slammed the movie and labeled it a “comedy” because it only told “half-truths.” She added, “He thinks he’s the king of the world, but no one that’s ever been around him thinks he’s King Richard.” Sabrina Williams also shared that she has begun writing a tell-all memoir about her “deadbeat dad.” Other details of her life are sure to be included within the book. However, it is unclear whether she will speak on the recent unfortunate passing of her son, who took his life in February of this year.

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