Kevin Samuels Has Found A Fan In Rapper T.I.

Kevin Samuels has become a fixture on social media during the pandemic. The relationship “expert” has used his unique approach with women to build up a bit of reputation for keeping it real, even if sometimes his intentions seem malicious. Many have debated if he is actually helping or hurting. T.I and Tiny recently discussed him over dinner, seemingly divided on is Samuels if doing any good for people.

T.I and Tiny took fans around with them for the day via IG Live as they hung out with their children, Heiress and Major. While out enjoying some Mexican food, T.I turned the camera to his family as he asked them questions and tried to sneak in naughty jokes with their mother. As he asked questions from their fans in the comment section, one person noted that Kevin Samuels was watching their live.

T.I read the comment the informed his wife Tiny. When she did not immediately recognize the name, T.I explained that Kevin Samuels is the female guru who “tell the truth on women.” T.I then goes on to say he is happy to have someone out in the world telling women the truth and “speaking it like it is.” According to T.I, whenever a woman comes out to tell men “about themselves,” she is usually championed and cheered on. However, when men try to inform women about their shortcomings, they are usually shut down.

Tiny did not agree and argued that women should not be torn down because they are more fragile. Major chimed in, saying that no one should be torn down no matter what their gender is. “You cannot confirm if someone is more fragile just by saying their gender,” he informed his mom.

T.I doubled down joking about women demanding to be treated equally. “Ain’t we all equal,” he taunted. He then brought up how women birth children and should be inherently stronger. Tiny clarifies that while women can endure more physical pain than men, men are more physically superior. The pair continued to debate Samuels and his approach with T.I, eventually likening him to Oprah Winfrey’s life coach Iyanla Vanzant. T.I then says, “I think we have to be honest with ourselves because that’s where you find true growth you do not find growth and evolution in comfort and convenience.”

Kevin Samuels seems to be very popular amongst rappers right now. Last month Nicki Minaj included him on an IG Live while promoting her new single “Do We Have a Problem.” During their talk, Samuels tried his best not to offend Nicki and her committed legion of fans while still delivering some of his signature honesty. He complimented her features, ranked her a nine on his 10 point scale, and discussed how symmetrical her face was.

This month he helped Future promote his new single “Worst Day” with a fake talk show-inspired sketch. The two men sat opposite each other in chairs while Future lamented about how much he’d spent on women in the previous year. Kevin appeared to be giving him advice and serving as a therapist.

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