Kevin Samuels Describes How High Value Men Choose Wives, Taking Jab At Loni Love

Kevin Samuels is back with another episode of unsolicited remarks and controversial opinions. Often here to give his raw and unfiltered take on subjects surrounding relationships. In one of his latest videos, the self-proclaimed fashion guru and dating advisor directs his attacks on The Real co-host and comedian Loni Love. Kevin Samuels claims that when men of “high value” seek out their wives, they would never consider a woman like Loni Love, contrasting her to her co-host, Jeannie Mai.

According to Kevin Samuels, a “high-value man” definitely gets married, contrary to the belief of many. As it pertains to the type of woman that “competitive, successful, high-value men” marry, Samuels implicitly states it is women like Jeannie Mai. But then he follows up with the statement, “They don’t marry women like Loni Love.” 

Kevin Samuels brings the topic up from a conversation the hosts of The Real had around wives submitting to their husbands, as the Bible teaches. In the discussion, they speak on then-President Trump’s nominee for United States Supreme Court, Amy Comey Barrett, who believes as a Christian that it is a wife’s job to submit to her husband. Samuels opinionates that “80% of Black women claim to be Christian.” From there, the controversial social media influencer berates the looks and demeanor of The Real‘s Black women-hosts: Loni Love and Garcelle Beauvais.

When he speaks of Loni Love, Kevin Samuels calls her “unfit with a weave” as opposed to Garcelle Beauvais, who is “fit with a weave.” Samuels, somehow within his mind, pits Jeannie Mai and her opinions against the other women of color simply due to her looks. The YouTuber then states that Loni Love and The Jamie Foxx Show actress should not be qualified to speak on submission in marriage because they are not married. “Why do unmarried women like Loni Love and Garcelle Beauvais think that they have something to tell you, women?” Kevin Samuels asks.

As the conversation persists, Kevin Samuels pinpoints Garcelle Beauvais’s claims that being a submissive wife in 2020 would “never work” for her. Samuels states that the actress will “die alone” because of her feelings. He alleges they know their futures of being single and unmarried women who are “proud” of this and are leading other women down a similar path. 

After a slew of insults addressed in Beauvais’s direction, Kevin Samuels speaks on Adrienne Haughton and her marriage after her comments. Samuels says he feels sorry for her husband, Israel Haughton, after stating that marriage partners should be equals. It appears that Kevin Samuels feels the man is superior to the woman in marriage and that all men seek for in their partner is “cooperation.”  

But his disrespect continued and only escalated when it came to Loni Love. The minute she begins to speak, Kevin Samuels states what he says he’s been wanting to say for a long time. “Shut up.” Samuels alarmingly expresses that he, along with “men like himself,” don’t have interest in anything that her “swole [self] has to say.  

Kevin Samuels goes on to state that he believes the comedian and women with her attitude are “enemies to all Black women.” A tirade of insults ensues as he piles on Loni Love with statements that just because a woman is “heavyweight” does not mean she can “play like a heavyweight.”  

He then questions Loni Love and other women that he groups in her category. “You may not like the word submission, ladies. But do you like dying alone?” Samuels asks. “Do you like single? Because men, especially competitive […] high-value men are not going to marry you,” he stressed multiple times. “They will marry Jeannie Mai. They’ll marry ‘Becky,’ ‘Marisol,’ and ‘Myling,’ but they will not marry you.”

It is evident that Kevin Samuels has a preference and a specific taste. However, using your platform and berating women based on their opinions and especially looks speaks volumes of his character. It should be noted that Kevin Samuels has reportedly been married and divorced twice. How many women of high value, or women in general, would marry him? 

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