Kerrion Franklin Claims He Doesn’t Get To Family Time

Kerrion Franklin is sharing more of his story. The son of world-renowned gospel singer Kirk Franklin has been sharing the details of his tumultuous upbringing and relationship with his father. And while he’s faced criticism from Kirk Franklin fans and others on social media, Kerrion Franklin isn’t allowing this to stop him from what could very well be his healing mechanisms. The now-reality star just had shared an emotional clip where he’s describing their relationship and its effects on him.

Kerrion Franklin is one of the new Zeus Network reality show Bad Boys of LA cast members.  The show, which is executive produced by Natalie Nunn of Bad Girls Club fame, also includes Milan Christopher from Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, Andrew Caldwell (I am Delivert), Durrell Smylie, aka Relly B (“where the money resides”), and others.  The series’ first episode aired on Zeus on March 20, 2022. Kerrion Franklin shared a clip of the series on his Instagram page where he was asked by producers in a confessional segment to spill on his relationship with his father.

Once the question is asked, Kerrion Franklin immediately gets emotional. He’s seen biting his lips and shaking his head as he tries to stop the tears from escaping his eyes. Nevertheless, his attempts prove to be futile as he is overcome with emotion. “I don’t think people realize that I really be alone, bro,” shared Kerrion Franklin as he wiped the tears from his eyes. Furthermore, Franklin expresses his sadness that he does not get to be around his family or share in the “family time” that occurs. Admittedly, he says this is a “different type of battle” for him. 

In addition, Kerrion Franklin shared his familiarity with bad experiences as it pertains to his family. “I definitely know about dark waters when it comes to dealing with parents, bro,” he said. Unable to complete his thought, Kerrion Franklin then walks off of the camera’s frame in tears.

Kerrion franklin’s issues with his father have been running for a very long time but found a surge in 2021 when he released a private, explicit-laced rant from his father, cursing him out. On the phone call, the gospel singer stated that he would inflict bodily harm to his son for disrespecting him, which Kerrion claims he had not.

In his caption, the reality star claimed that he did not feel safe around his father. Stating that “no father should speak to their children like this,” Kerrion Franklin claimed this to be the reason for his issues. “Hanging up in my face, No apology, no compassion, no effort,” he wrote. Furthermore, Franklin claimed he did not know where his family was, nor did he want to release the recording, calling it “embarrassing.” But Kerrion Franklin insisted that he wanted his father to heal from his “deep hatred” toward him.

After the video went viral, the “Stomp” singer issued an apology. Kirk Franklin confessed to the “toxic” relationship with his estranged 33-year-old son to his social media accounts. The Grammy Award-singer stated that they attempted to receive therapy and counseling in order to “rectify this private family matter.” Feeling that his words were inappropriate, Kirk Franklin noted that he “sincerely apologizes.”

In continuation with trying to clarify their relationship, Kirk Franklin and his wife interviewed with Tamron Hall. During the conversation, Franklin shared that he respects his son and wants to do all that he can to be there for him because he doesn’t want him to feel how he felt without a father.

But Kirk Franklin shared that as Kerrion got older, the disrespect got “more aggressive.” He also claimed there were no instances of any type of abuse toward his son. However, in an upcoming episode of the series, Kerrion Franklin recalls otherwise.”There’s been such a gap between me and my dad,” he said during a clip of the super trailer. “I’ve experienced physical abuse. I’ve experienced verbal abuse.”

Here is to hoping that the relationship between father and son can be repaired.  

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