Keke Wyatt’s Latest Testimony Proves She Has Survived A lot

R&B singer and reality star Keke Wyatt is a resilient woman with a testimony. The mother of 10 is gearing up for baby 11 with her 3rd husband and seems to be in really good spirits. This is impressive after years of what can only be described as trying times. Wyatt’s story has always been as popular as her vocals, and she has overcome a lot right before our eyes. Let’s take a look back over the years and the many obstacles that the singer has beat ahead of her latest battle.

Keke Wyatt got her start fairly young in the music industry after a pair of duets with Avant (“My First Love’ & “Nothing in this World”) helped establish her as the voice to watch. Her impressive Patti LaBelle cover had everyone looking forward to her debut album. At the time, she was already a married woman, having tied the knot at 18 with her road manager Rahmat Morton. Their relationship was volatile from the start, and rumors of domestic violence plagued the couple. Things had escalated on Christmas in 2001 when Keke was forced to defend herself and kids against her husband, Morton. The R&B star got in big trouble and, at one point, was facing up to 20 years behind bars. The story followed her throughout her career and certainly made it hard for her to work.

Keke and Morton would go on to have three children together, Keyver Wyatt Morton, Rahjah Ke’ Morton, and daughter Ke’Tarah Victoria Morton. A fourth daughter, Heaven Morton, would be a stillbirth. Obviously, this loss devastated Keke, who was also at her breaking point in the toxic marriage. Keke would overcome this and bounce back, successfully divorcing Morton in 2009 and moving on. A career rebranding soon followed.

In 2010 Keke would find new love in Michael Jamar Ford. Ford is an ordained minister and would be the marriage most people associate with Wyatt due to their time on the series R&B Divas. The show would highlight their relationship and their growing family. Keke Wyatt would adopt Ford’s daughter Mickayla from his previous marriage. Together Keke and Ford would bring their family count up to 6 with the addition of their two sons Ke’Mar Von Ford and Wyatt Michael Ford. This would be followed by the birth of Ke’Yoshi Bella Ford and an eventual 8th pregnancy that would result in Kendall Miguel Ford.

During their 8th pregnancy, things began to sour between Keke and Michael. Keke revealed that while prepping for their 8th child, she found out that her son Rahjah had cancer. The 18-year-old had leukemia and got so sick they had to carry him out of an amusement park. The devastating news obviously meant the mother had to work overtime to care for her boy, be there for her other six kids and prepare for the birth of baby number 8. Keke even shaved her head in support of her son.

Sadly, Michael chose this time to reveal he wanted a divorce claiming that Keke was an emotional wreck. The distraught mother of 8 took to social media to reveal all she was going through and asked fans to “roast him,” claiming she no longer wanted him. The battle to overcome this was a hard one, but Wyatt’s fought through it and later shared her testimony. The singer gave birth to Kendall on October 27, 2017. The following year son Rahjah beat his disease and has been cancer-free ever since. Keke also finalized her divorce to Ford in August of 2018 and moved on with plans to release new music following her 2017 cover album.

It would not be long before Keke found love again. This time with childhood friend Zackariah Darring. The pair wed in October of 2018 and got to work adding to the family of 8. They would welcome baby 9 in 2019, Zackariah Darring Jr., followed by baby 10 Ke’Riah David Darring in 2020.

Keke announced in February that they were bringing the total up to 11 in a family photoshoot where her kids all rocked big brother and big sister shirts. Fans were excited for the star and began lobbying for her to get a reality show.

Keke has overcome a lot in her life and career, and it seems her fight is still not done. Baby 11 is reportedly dealing with some birth defects. Keke shared her testimony during a recent performance and revealed her unborn child is dealing with Trisomy13. Trisomy 13 (also called Patau syndrome) is a genetic disorder in which a person has three copies of genetic material from chromosome 13 instead of the usual two copies.
Wyatt sings from the heart about her testimony and giving it to God in the emotional performance, where she recalls all the things she’s been through.

Let’s keep Wyatt and her family in our prayers, and they prepare to do what they do best, overcome.

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