Keke Palmer Gives Advice On Relationships and Skincare

Keke Palmer is coming through with relationship knowledge. The young star has a knack for giving advice to her fans and supporters throughout her career. This time, she is taking to her Instagram Stories to drop a word by way of a meme as it pertains to men and their cheating ways.

As much of a personality that Keke Palmer is, born Lauren Keyana Palmer, she is still very much a private person. Speaking with In Style earlier this year, Palmer spoke on the importance of maintaining a level of privacy as a public figure. “A lot of people want to get in your force field and you have to find ways to maintain privacy,” the Hustlers actress stated. “I know young girls are looking at my page, and I keep it real with them. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to overexpose my personal life. And when I’m talking personal, it’s like, who you slept with last night. You ain’t got to share that!” Palmer also added that her “love life is a very big line that I won’t cross.”

However, every once in a while, Palmer will get a bit candid about her experiences in love and relationships. Be it howsoever brief or elaborate, the actress and television host won’t hold punches. Take, for instance, last year when SZA chose to share a story of a cheating boyfriend of her past. The “Good Days” singer caught her ex at a party engaging with one of her “homegirls.” SZA’s brief yet unfortunate account drew a response from Keke Palmer who entered the chat to share that she had a similar experience. “Been there, except it was a man love,” Palmer briefly revealed on Twitter. 

But it seems as though the Akeelah and the Bee famed actress finally found a love that made her somewhat let her guards down. Palmer and a man named Darius Jackson have recently made the decision to go “Instagram Official” after he dedicated a post to her for her 28th birthday. Jackson referred to Palmer as a “blessing from above” and credited her for helping him to accept himself. The couple resulted in publicly sharing “I Love You’s” online.

Keke Palmer has shared relationship advice other times in the past on her social media. In 2016, Palmer spoke on some advice her grandmother gave her that many have heard. “The quickest way to get over a man is to get up under another one.” At first, she states that she would think her grandmother was being nasty, but she would eventually understand the saying’s true meaning. 

On another recent occasion, Palmer revealed that Ice Cube was one of the first people in her life to give her dating advice when she was 12-years-old. As she was starting to come into her own developing body, she recalls the NWA rapper pulling her to the side to put her up on game about boys/men. “He was like, ‘Keke, I know you’re growing up. And I just want you to understand that the way that these men see you isn’t always how you see yourself,” she reiterates his words.  

Keke’s recent word of advice to viewers on her Instagram Story pertained to women who catch their men in the act of infidelity. Palmer shared a meme that stated, “Once you catch him cheating, he’ll never trust you again.” As one fan translated in the comment section of Hollywood Unlocked’s recapture of the post, “For the ones who don’t understand, it means a man will manipulate and reverse the situation around as if you’re the one who cheated just by catching them.”

Palmer has also shown that she is well versed in helping others in other areas besides relationships. For example, the actress once shared a candid photo where she is seen sans makeup and begins to speak on skin-care issues. However, although it leans toward taking care of one’s skin, Palmer’s words can be attributed to any situation! “What works for someone else may not work for you, and that’s okay,” said the co-host of the short-lived Strahan, Sara, and Keke morning show on Instagram. Palmer went on to tell fans to try her advice out, but if it’s not working, try something else out. 

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