A Look At K. Michelle’s Issues With Celebrity Men Throughout The Years

While they’ve fueled some of her top songs, K. Michelle is admitting to being pretty over the male population. The Love & Hip-Hop star has been open about her struggles with men and how it has shaped her career and art. Several key men have landed in her crosshair over the years. Let’s take a look at some of her biggest beef.

K. Michelle famously sang “You Can’t Raise a Man,” but that does not mean she will not humble one. K. Michelle was involved with Maino for a bit and he did not have nice things to say about her. The two individuals found themselves going back and forth on social media. Eventually K. Michelle even considered taking legal action. “What right do you have to consistently get on all of your platforms and try to down somebody who tried to have your back.

K. Michelle would go to face another rapper named Uncle Murda a few years prior. He too, had some choice words about her in his 2019 rap-up. At the time, Michelle dismissed Murda and claimed she did not know him, nor was he of the caliber of men she dates. “I’m not even gonna be angry or react because I see how people always take my name to do anything to get that attention because they know I’ll pop off,” she said. Murda eventually apologized and said he meant no ill intent. However, K. Michelle was not happy and told Trina in an interview that they had not met, nor did they know each other.

The latest young man to take shots at K. Michelle is MoneyBaggYo. The rapper is reportedly giving Michelle a hard time over a feature, so she took to IG live to shut him down. According to Michelle, MoneybaggYo needs to put some respect on her name since she has collaborated with much bigger artists than him. MoneyBag Yo responded to K. Michelle along with his girlfriend Ari Fletcher. They called K jealous, and MoneyBagg claims he did not even know the singer.

Despite the many issues K. Michelle has had with celebrity men, the singer finally found her mr. forever and is currently engaged Dr. Kastan Sims. K. Michelle announced her engagement back in 2017.

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