Judge Rules Quiana Mann’s 10-Year-Old Is Competent To Tried As An Adult

We are finally receiving updates on the Milwaukee family that lost a mother last year at the hands of her own son. The sad story has left many completely heartbroken as they continue to try and piece together what kind of child could do this to their own mother. Apparently, a competent one, as the boy has been ruled sane enough to stand trial for the unfortunate incident.

Quiana Mann

Back in December, we reported on Quiana Mann, a mother of four life ended abruptly by her own child. The incident took place on November 21st, 2022, and stemmed from a denied request by the boy for a VR headset. As more information came out, we found out that the unnamed boy had a history of anger and behavioral issues. Family members had expressed concern over his behavior, as he had previously set his mother’s living room on fire. With the help of some medical professionals, Quiana was instructed to limit her son’s usage of video games in order to help with his attitude. Unfortunately, this backfired.

On the morning of her passing, Mann tried to wake her son up early for school. She had denied him the purchase of a VR headset the evening before, so the young man retrieved the keys to her closet and pulled a weapon from it. After taking his mother’s life, the boy got on her Amazon app and ordered the headset. While he initially told law enforcement he was playing with the instrument when it went off, he later confessed to retrieving it the night prior. The following day he also demanded that his grandmother retrieve the headset he ordered after “apologizing” for the incident.

Since he’s been in custody, there has been a constant question of if the boy should be tried as an adult and if he is even mentally capable to stand trial. Reports state that the boy admitted to hearing voices that told him to do bad things. His aunt has kept in touch with him while away and admits that the boy has been cold and distant when asked about his mother. Instead, he only asks about his games.

Back in February, doctors reported that the boy was able to stand trial as an adult for the incident. His attorney Angela Cummingham is trying to get these findings challenged and get his case moved to children’s court. She feels that any confession given by the boy should be thrown out because he could not possibly understand his rights at the time he spoke to the police.

“The state’s assumption that an officer who read a 10-year-old his rights, and the 10-year-old understood his rights, I would first of all object to that. That doesn’t show; that doesn’t prove understanding at all,” Cummingham said to news outlets. A GoFundMe was created for Quiana’s memorial back in December. Only reaching $16k of the $20k they requested, it seems donations have slowed down as the visibility of the story has waned. The last post shares that March 4th would have been her 45th birthday.

At this moment, the start date of the trial has not been announced. We’ll keep you posted as information is made available. If convicted, he’s facing a maximum of 60 years in behind bars.

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