Joseline Hernandez Claims Wendy Williams Is Finally Eating Her Karma: “Watch What You Do To Others

It’s no secret Wendy Williams is struggling to reclaim her life. The daytime host’s fall from grace was quick, swift, and sudden. After her divorce, the loss of her mother, and quarantine challenged her show in every possible way; her health would prove to be the final nail in the coffin. After being absent for her entire final season, The Wendy Williams Show ended, and her time slot and staff went over to Sherri Shephard’s new series.

Not everyone is shocked by what is happening to Williams. Especially not the stars she used to mock in her Hot Topics. Williams has a complicated history with many celebrities. She and Joseline Hernandez had a nasty on-air spat during a video call interview last year. Joseline demanded some respect from Williams and expressed how she often felt like the daytime talk show host did not respect her during their past interviews. “I just feel like every time I come to your show; you don’t give me those flowers now?”

The discussion continued, with Joseline letting Wendy know just how much she’s accomplished and asking for Williams to be a little nicer to her. “I have the number one show in the country!” Joseline declared. Williams corrected her, “No, you have the number one show on Zeus,” before snatching up some nearby flowers and tossing them toward the screen.

In a recent interview, Joseline spoke about Wendy, and the incident after a radio host offered to “give her her flowers” for the work she’s put in. “Just don’t throw them at me,” she joked. Joseline went on to request that people pray for Wendy, who is going through a tough time. Hernandez believes that Wendy’s current battles have a lot to do with the energy she’s put out into the world and believes that a lot of this is karma. “Everybody gotta eat their karma. That’s why you should always watch what you do to others. Because it’s very important for you to understand that what you put out there is what you get back.”

Do you think Wendy deserves what she is going through?

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