Joe Budden Drags Vivica A Fox’s Acting Career, Goes Down List Of Her Most Recent Movies

Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez’s case has been making a lot of people show their true colors. While many have come forward to support Megan, others feel like Lanez is being framed as inconsistencies have been found in Meg’s story. Popular voices like Joe Budden and Vivica A. Fox are currently going head-to-head about their thoughts, and it is starting to get personal.

Joe Budden, like many other men, has lobbied his support behind Tory Lanez. This is following the reveal that Megan lied about her intimate relationship with him while talking to Gayle King on CBS. Megan also downplayed how drunk she was that evening, with several sources reporting the intoxicated rapper had to be asked to leave Kylie Jenner’s pool party. While covering the updates in the case, Joe stated flat out that he simply does not like Megan. “I don’t like the girl,” he said on his podcast. Joe goes on to say that Meg lying about being physical with Tory really turned him off.

Vivica A. Fox covered Joe Budden’s comments on her own show, Cocktails with Queens, and had some words for Joey. Vivica says that Joe’s issues with Megan have less to do with the case and more to do with how women are dominating in Hip-Hop at the moment. “Joe Budden, if you don’t button it up and sit your [expletive] down,” she said during a holiday-themed installment of her show. Her co-hosts agreed and nodded along as Vivica said, “it’s a new day; girls are ruling. Sorry, Joe Budden!”

Joe Budden did not appreciate Vivica’s remarks and spoke ill of her on a follow-up pod episode where he threatened to book her for a film since she “does not cost that much.” Joe read down some of her recent films and criticized her work while telling her she fell from grace and is no longer regarded the way she once was. “Shutup!” he said repeatedly, saying she only made $5 a film. The whole reading felt cruel and unnecessary, and people in the comments did not seem to side with Joe after this.

One person said, “Joe, you could’ve just laughed that one off, my guy.. Why do so many men wanna Tussle with the ladies??” and another said, “I’m confused though….I feel like Vivica Fox has had a FAR more successful career than Joe Budden🥴 Maybe I’m missing something, though.”

Joe has since apologized to Megan Thee Stallion for his remarks, but it is unclear if he will be saying sorry to Vivica. According to Joey, several important women in his life called him and demanded he says sorry for speaking ill of Megan since the case is really to prove if she had been shot and not if she slept with Tory. Joe shared that he would feel guilty if Megan was too hard on herself due to all the hate she is getting and decided to make things right.

In the same sentence, he also apologized to Lil Fizz, saying, “I listened back and got a few phone calls from women I love.” He said that men don’t need mics and calls himself and all podcasters “stupid.”

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