Jesseca Dupart and Da Brat Announced Their Pregnancy Earlier This Year, But The Couple Has Faced Many Complications

Jesseca Harris-Dupart and Da Brat Married On 2/22/22

Da Brat has spent decades in the public eye, and for most of it, she was also closeted. While this choice was initially a personal one for her, new love allowed Da Brat to open up to the world in ways she never had before.  In March of 2020, Da Brat announced that she was in love with a woman named Jecceca Dupart, aka BB Judy. Dupart is a lifestyle mogul from the Atlanta area. Da Brat has talked about her now wife and the courage she gave her to live a more honest and authentic life. “She’s the person who completes me. She gives me courage.” 

The pair star in the series Brat Loves Judy, where they show off their relationship dynamic and love for one another. The show also covered their February wedding, which took place at the Horse Mansion in Fairburn, Georgia. Both women arrived in horse-drawn carriages and walked down the aisle together to Luther Vandross’s “Here and Now.” Jermaine Dupri escorted Brat while Dupart was walked by her father. 

The pair decided to tie the knot on 2/22/22 because they felt it fit their theme of being twin flames. “We’ve been calling each other twin flames for a while. So this date, 2/22/22, is a significant event. We just didn’t want to miss it because it comes once in a lifetime,” Dupart told People Magazine. “It’s relevant. It’s just real significant to our relationship. It signifies angel numbers, and it also is reminiscent of twin flames.”

Da Brat and Judy Announced They Were Expecting

Ahead of their nuptials, the women also announced that Dupart would be carrying their child. Dupart already has three children from previous marriages and has been a single mother for much of her time in the spotlight. Her kids’ names are Byron Jr, Jay, and Deja. Deja is her eldest and is already a mom herself, the 21-year-old welcomed her first baby Kenzie in March of 2020. In an IG post around that time, new grandmother Dupart said, “A whole NEW kinda love 👧🏽❣️❣️ KENZIE ANN DUPART ❣️”

Kenzie will not be the only baby in the house for long because Dupart and Brat are bringing their own bundle of joy into the world, which will be Brat’s first. They posted a photo saying, “We are EXTENDING the family,” with Brat hugging Dupart from behind while they both held her belly. 

Da Brat and Judy Faced Complications During Pregnancy

Despite these being very exciting times for the new brides, they have not come without challenges. The women recently stopped by The Tamron Hall Show and were clearly emotional when asked about the status of their pregnancy. While they avoided confirming if Dupart was indeed still pregnant, Dupart did choke up as she expressed the ups and downs they’ve been facing along the road. Despite whatever may have happened behind the scenes, both women are committed to continuing this journey because Dupart wants Da Brats to experience motherhood. Dupart did reveal that she was hospitalized with blood clots, and Da Brat admits she’s been in the hospital as well. “I’m not going to say we’re still trying. We are on our way,” Dupart declared. In her caption, she said, “We are NOT stopping our journey, we are not discouraged.”

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