Jason Lee Drops First Interview On New Show, Reveals He Was Once Smacked By Rihanna

Jason Lee is a social media personality known for always having the inside scoop on our favorite celebrities. Keen to take the spot of Wendy Williams, Lee has just secured a new series and is using the platform to spill on some of his run-ins with our favorite stars.

Jason Lee has been on a mission for years now to become the leading voice in gossip media. His platform Hollywood Unlocked has over 3.2 million followers that tune in daily for gossip and hot topics. From there, Lee also launched a podcast that served as a companion to the platform. Eventually, he would use his star power to work with the likes of Wendy Williams and Kanye West. However, recent months have seen him pour more into his own brand, joining the Breakfast Club to take Angela Yee’s spot as the rumor reporter. 

Now Lee is taking things to new heights with his official series. Over a three-day launch, he will be debuting The Jason Lee Show, presented by Revolt television. While the audio dropped yesterday, the official first episode will air on Revolt tonight before hitting Youtube tomorrow. Lee scored Cardi B for his inaugural episode, and she is talking about everything. 

During their sitdown, Cardi B discusses the aftermath of TakeOff’s passing, her relationship with her husband Offset, and more. “Not only is this the first show, but it’s probably one of the most important shows that will go down in history,” he said in the preview. Fans seem to agree and are already waiting by their screens for the debut. “Already listened to the pod, can’t wait for the visual tho. Awesome interview!! ❤️,” said one person. “This promo is 🔥🔥🔥,” said another person. 

The moment is a huge deal for Jason Lee, who said in a previous post that people doubted his ability to lead a talk show. “Fun fact: Nobody wanted me to host season 18 of the Wendy Show more than @tiffanyhaddish and @iamcardib. Both called me every day to see if I got booked. They didn’t book me so I built my own show and here we are…” he said in a picture with Cardi B. 

While the debut episode focuses primarily on Cardi B and her life, Jason does reportedly open up about the time Rihanna slapped him. He claims he got too drunk, so Rihanna laid hands on him in front of Kanye West. It is unclear what Jason’s relationship is with Rihanna right now. While she did go to Hollywood Unlocked to share images of her son ahead of press leaks, there is also footage of Rihanna actively trying to get away from Lee during the Black Panther film premiere.  That same night, Angela Bassett also seemed keen to put some distance between herself and Lee, and there are also videos of Beyonce trying to avoid him at events in the past. 

Whatever the case, he’s got the likes of Cardi B and Tiffany Haddish in his corner. The Jason Lee show premiers tonight on Revolt. 

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