Actor Jamie Foxx Has Help Many Struggling Celebrities, But Still In Debt With Sherri Shepherd For Helping Him

Jamie Foxx is one of the most successful men in Hollywood. The comedian, actor, singer, and performer has wowed us for decades on our screens. His level of success does not come without its valleys, and Foxx has hit rock bottom along the way. Present to help him during that time was fellow comic Sherri Shepherd.

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Jamie Foxx has an estimated net worth of over $170 million. Born Eric Marlon Bishop, the 54-year-old mega star hails from Texas and first came to national acclaim thanks to his inclusion in the cast of In Living Color. Featuring future megastars like Jim Carrey, The Wayans family and Jennifer Lopez, those casting directors certainly had an eye for juggernaut talent. Success on the series was followed by his own sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show, critically acclaimed films like Any Given Sunday and Ray, and a multiplatinum recording career full of hits.

While he’s riding high now, there was one point where things got bad for the future Grammy and Oscar winner. Sherri Shepherd recalls lending her friend $50 she never got back. While talking about Jamie with PEOPLE in the ’90s podcast, Sherri says that Foxx might deny it ever happened. “He might act like he don’t. Oh, he might have little memory blasts, but yes, he does owe me $50,” she said.

According to Sherri, Jamie was in his final callback for a role, possibly In Living Color. He did not have any money at the time, and his girlfriend had kicked him out. Sherri says the girl had forced Foxx to sign a contract so he could live with her. The contract stipulated that if Jamie made it, he would owe the woman 75% of his earnings. “He needed a place to stay, so he signed it. So he was with this girl and every time she came to the comedy club, ooh, she was jealous of every dag-gone body.”

Sherri says she helped her friend out, and although he did not pay her back at the time, he has more than made up for it over the years by paying it forward. Foxx understands the impact generous people had on his trajectory, so he has done the same for other celebrities. Jamie Foxx reportedly housed Ed Sheeran in 2010 after the British singer/songwriter performed at his live music night in DTLA.

Sheeran recalled moving to Los Angeles with no money or hope, but due to Foxx’s generosity, he was supercharged and began turning out music independently until he was signed. “Being able to fly to L.A. with nothing and ending up in one of the biggest movie stars in the world’s house, recording … in my mind, I was like, ‘I must have something.'” Sheeran recalls.

Foxx also lent a helping hand to fellow R&B singer Tank. During an episode of R&B money, Tank recalls telling Foxx he wanted to move back home due to a lull in his career. Foxx let him stay with him until he got on his feet. The duo would eventually score massive hits together as Tank penned a good chuck of Jamie’s debut album.

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